Right Beneath Your Skin

[Papercut – Linkin Park]

I feel like ranting again, even though I just did on my Tumblr.

Now, I’m not saying that I get these here on WordPress, but I did notice a few on my Tumblr; hate mail.

I’m not a hater of hate mail – I dish them out myself sometimes too. But I justify myself. I’d rather call what I write “justified scoldings”.

For example, a new friend of mine wrote on his blog recently about how some abusive minors should be allowed to be struck when they are attacking, say, teachers. Now, that’s a brave and controversial stand to take, and if you truly look at the situation, it isn’t without grounds. We are so caught up all the time protecting minors, we don’t see that there are minors who are intensely abusive – especially when we get to the age bracket where, physically, they are strong enough to take on adults, but lawfully they are still minors.

Nonetheless, I retaliated, writing that there is no way that we can ever have a law that allows the hitting of minors. Because it will be exploited. In the end, hitting a child marks them so much more – when my parents used to smack me as a child, that’s what I remember. When I went to Thailand for the first time in Kindergarten, I don’t remember much of the trip at all – except once I misbehaved and my mom smacked me.

But then I get hate-mail that goes: “Wow, you’re such an attention seeker” and “You can be a really cold back-stabber”, and then they leave themselves as Anonymous.

My friend was just saying that I could very well just ignore those posts – and I could have. But I thought, why should I ignore them? If I am online, then yes I am seeking attention, otherwise why bother? Things get online to be noticed, and to be consumed, and I want what I write to be noticed, and consumed. If I want to write something for myself, I write something for myself privately, so I replied, “I’m sorry if I’ve angered you, but if you don’t like me posting “ask me something” on my own account, then just ignore it.” To the other one, I posted a reply as well: “That’s good to know, Anonymous. Since I obviously know you to have ‘back-stabbed’ you, then you probably know that ‘emotionally sensitive’ isn’t the best word, and that I can indeed be very cold, but not for no reason.”

Maybe I will start simply ignoring these hate-mails, even though posting them makes the sender look more like an ass.

I just checked my Tumblr messages, and I got two friends telling me that they like me no matter what and that I’m awesome. So yeah, pretty stoked about that!

My ultimate point is this: you can send your problem with me, to me, if you want – I enabled anonymous questions for a reason. But if you are going to be disrespectful towards me and try to put me down, you’ve got another thing coming. If you rationally retaliate, as I have had a commenter did on something I wrote about Daniel Radcliffe once, then I will answer you properly – and if I am wrong, I will apologize. But straight up telling me that I’m a no-good weirdo will probably not get you very far.

Man, writing that OpEd on cyber-bullying really has got me pumped up about this!

So, I SEEK YOUR ATTENTION in this matter, and if you have something to say, the comment box is just down there.