How can you possibly think you’re doing a good job?

I shudder when I think that if it weren’t for people who I’d only met 3 years ago, I would turn out like you.

She’s right, I’m a much better person than you’d ever me. I’ll do everything in my power to be rid of you.

Fuck you. Fuck you and your selfish demands, your unfair rules, your narrowminded prejudice.

I pity you because I can’t trust you, the one person in the world whose trust should actually matter to you.

I loathe you because I can’t speak out, being bound by social shackles that were some twisted birthright.

And I’m not kidding when I say I’ve had thoughts about killing you for many years now.

You’re fucking pathetic, useless in the role you are meant to play. I learnt nothing from you but how to hate someone so wholeheartedly I’ve picked my fingernails bloody to keep from landing in jail.

Rhyming rhyme with time…

I’m hitting a dry spell for blogging material. So I dredge up stuff from my files.

Okay, so this time, it’s something that some of you might’ve read already (and then forgotten, which is okay, because I’ve forgotten who I’ve shown).

I wrote an “emo song” earlier this year. There’s no music to it yet (I asked Ca- but she never got back…) so anyone who wants to, go ahead.

I won’t write another sad song
Because I didn’t shed a tear,
I won’t argue who was right or wrong
Or who was and wasn’t there.

I won’t say it was you
I won’t place any blame
But now I’m through
Playing this polite game

I’m letting you know…

I’m moving on
You were nothing to me, you meant nothing to me
I’m staying strong
Just so I can come back to show you that I’ve moved on.

You said you liked me,
Said you cared for me, and then you stab me
Right in the back
Infidelity, inconsistency, in an unforgiveable way.

Now I’m over you
I’m through with you, I’m fighting proof
Of a hating heart
A vengeful start, a bleeding shard, a world of gray.

And now you know…

I’m moving on
You were nothing to me, you meant nothing to me
You were wrong
And now I’ve come back to prove you that I’m moved on.

If hate is blinding, my world is black
If revenge is sweet, then my tooth is that
If lies are no longer white, then love is no longer war
If this is all there is, what is our heart fighting for?

I’m moving on
You were nothing to me, you meant nothing to me
You weren’t worth it
You weren’t worth the words you spoke (nothing to me)
You weren’t worth these words I wrote (nothing to me)
You weren’t worth the air you choke (I’ve come back to show you, to prove to you)
I’ve gone and moved on.