I even locked myself up…

Sneaks, you  better be bloody pleased!

Chapter 3 of my newly re-titled “Writing Project” is up. It’s no longer summer, so duh.

I’m pushing to get Chapter 4 out today as well, but that’s probably not going to happen. I want to actually write goot, not just fanfic crap.

I got heaps of hits yesterday because of the George Clooney thing. I felt bad because I wasn’t ACTUALLY writing about anything interesting, just what I did. But kudos to the people who shared their ideas! I loved the George Clooney sleeps with 500-600 male bees one.

I even got linked to this thing called Stumbleupon. And if you google “George Clooney GAT prank” my blog is the third.

Ah, attention from strangers, lovely.

To sum up, Chapter 3 is up. Yes, there might have been some influences from ITLOW…


4000 and Update

I’ve got 4000 hits (that was fast) and I’m feeling rather good about  myself. Also, I updated and put up the 2nd chapter of the summer project. Clearly, I need  a name for the damned story.

I will be going out tomorrow, and I don’t know when I’ll come home (but most likely before the day after, is what I meant) so I might not blog tomorrow. Oh but I’m sure that’ll be okay because there are people who, for some reason, loads my entire blog on several pages and takes a whole day to read all of it. I mean, it makes me feel all popular but you’re wasting your time. And you know who you are.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. To all my readers, though, thank you.