Looking ahead

What’s going on for good old Alex in the upcoming week? You know you want to know…(not really)

Monday: despite my very very early finish, I have to stay behind to do the stupid Methods SAC.

Tuesday: guitar lesson. I haven’t practiced “Apache” at all.

Wednesday: planning to go to a costume store after school to get pants and a jacket for Bee’s. It’s quite funny that I have the accessories, like suspenders, hats, etc, but I don’t actually have the really important part…the actual clothes.

Thursday: BIANCA’S BIRTHDAY! Clearly that’s going to take up my entire day. (Reading what I just wrote, I realized that the tone of my Thursday plan sounds exactly like Carmaine.)

Friday: last day of school. Hoo-bloody-RAY! Early finish, and the next day is Bee’s thing to look forward to.

Saturday: BEE’S THING! That sounds really…really dodgy. It’s in the evening so I think in the morning I’m going to go shopping for work pants. As in I need pants to work in. What the hell, why do I sound so strange today?

Sunday: Jack’s starts again. Oh well, no big loss. I sort of miss JessRusta and Pom. And my 2 hours with Spanna.

And after that, holidays start. I look forward to sleeping in, but then again a few days I’ll be working. Hmm. WORK!

I really am channeling Carmaine tonight.

Except I’m still short with a shit sense of fashion. You’d think I’d channel the good bits, but no.


P.S. That was one of the worst and most boring posts I’ve ever written. Sorry!

First apology

I can’t believe I’m apologizing already but:

Regarding the summer project, it’s still coming along! I took a huge break during Christmas and stuff, and I know it’s a bit strange ‘cos this kind of stuff is ideal for Christmas time, and it wasn’t like I did anything worthy during the holidays…

Started again today. Chapter 2 should be done by tomorrow. If not, it means I got a writer’s block. No, it’s not that I suck this early on. I have the story in my head I just need a segway to shoo it in.

I don’t think this will be the last apology regarding the story so.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to see Benjamin Button with Eunice. Unless she cancels last minute. I hope you don’t.

De Fluffe, Out.

Welcome back, Eunice!

I think the title speaks for itself. I wonder how tanned you got? We’ll have a tan-off with you and Carmaine. See who wins the prize of having changed races.

I didn’t do much today. And that sentence alone intrigues me because I’ve just been introduced to a friend of D.P.’s through another friend of D.P.’s and she tells me that I am an interesting person. But maybe 60% of my blogs include, paraphrased or literally, “I did nothing today”. And I highly doubt I’m intrinsically interesting – and I don’t think anyone is unless they’re born with an interesting face, and usually interesting faces are synonymous with “freak” – so I wonder what about my constant nattering actually interests people. And I know it does. I mean the hits are still quite steady.

Anyway, going along from “I didn’t do much today”. I finall decided to youtube the Giraffe in Quicksand

Here it is:

Sorry to have put your coming back and an unfortunate giraffe in the same post, Eunice.

Shout out to new friend Cathy, the one who’s the friend of D.P.’s.

De Fluffe, Out.


(Which, coincidentally is the name of a very sad song by Hawk Nelson)

Fourteen days until you come back. Call me over the top, or desperate, but I’ve started the countdown already. I miss you already.

Wish me luck for my venture while you’re away. Like I’m going to be able to do all that Maths and Chinese in fourteen days. But maybe it will stave away the sadness.

Oh I’m such an emo kid.

See you soon, Crazy.

And, to my Euny-Baby.

Have fun in Queensland! I keep having boring summers but at least you’re all making up for it by having extravagant ones.

Don’t get sunburnt.

Keep in touch.

And for crying out loud, get MMS!

To my Princess Fudgepop (OH NO I DIDN’T!)

You’re only a phone call away so that’s at least some sort of consolation.

But a small one at that.

Have a good Christmas with your relatives.

Have a good Christmas, dear reader (but I probably will keep saying that until Christmas). If you’re going away be safe. Don’t drink too much! A Christmas that will be a good memory is one that you actually remember.


De Fluffe, Out.