Undercooked sausages

Last night I went to Brendan’s new house with Amelia to keep him company while his parents hold a BBQ party where all the kids are younger.

Originally, the plan was to go wingman for him, because we thought there might be some daughters around his age for him to prey-uh…meet.

But alas, the closest we could get to were 2 14-year old male cousins. So, as far as winging went, Mela and I couldn’t do much.

Before we went to Brendan’s, we dropped by Ser-‘s house for to pick up some of Amelia’s stuff. Ser- was watching Sense and Sensibility but British shows put me to sleep, so we started watching Vampire Diaries. Because, yeah. In the end, we realized we couldn’t stay long, so I went through the episodes trying to determine for how long the show started with “For over a century I have lived in secret”. We found: Season 2 Episode 9 was when they stopped.

Mela and I missed the bus, so we waited 40 minutes for the next one. I had a headache, so we went to the Maccas for some Sprite and a chat.

Brendan’s new house is a few dozen times more amazing than his previous house – and his previous house was actually incredibly good for parties. The new house had one of those staircases which would perfectly suit Brendan’s needs to come sweeping downstairs in his prom dress. His bedroom is also much bigger and brighter – but he needs a proper bed. Also, better and bigger kitchen, an area just waiting for a pool table to be installed, and a really well designed entertainment area in the backyard. The only downside is, it now takes me over an hour to get to his place via bus.

His family, all from South Africa, had a South African BBQ, and despite one sausage being slightly undercooked – the one I ate – the rest was ASTOUNDING. One of the sausages, whose name I forgot, but it was a South African style, had a very intriguing mix of spice, and a firm texture, and I regret not eating more of it.

We were watching Shrek and Wall-E, and realized that Brendan could quote about 75% of Shrek with amazing accuracy. I suppose 4 years ago that would have been amazing, but I don’t know, just not as cool anymore. We also watched Wall-E on mute, which was fine because Wall-E isn’t a movie that you really need too much dialogue to, so we made up our own sound effects.

We also watched Supernatural on the computer after kicking his little cousins off. Amelia wasn’t as scared as we thought she’d be, so perhaps she can handle some mild horror in movies after all. Not that last night’s episode was any scary.

Spent the rest of the night hanging out in Brendan’s bedroom, and then got dropped off at Amelia’s house, where my parents picked me up.

Can’t wait for Brendan’s own housewarming/birthday party. Maybe I should try to organize games like I did last year.


Bzzt, I’m Melting!

Argh, what a day this has been!

Today, for Cinema Studies, we watched “The Fly” (1986). It is one of the grossest movies I’ve watched, and I’ve seen rather gross movies.

On the other hand, I have to admit that for 1986, the special effects were not bad at all! The jaw fell off in a really realistic sort of way…

It was quite the experience to watch it in a theater of nearly 200 students. When the main female lead went to hug Seth, the main male, who at that point was pretty gross looking, half fly and everything, the entire theater screamed, “WHY WOULD YOU HUG HIM!?” especially since he’d just puked up enzymes over his donuts.

Unanimous groans and screams sounded when the baboon was turned inside out, when his fingernails fell off, and then when she dreamt of giving birth to a giant maggot, and of course when the hand and foot of the editor got burned to a stump by the enzymes.

Absolute chaos took over when his jaw started falling off, and then large slatherings of flesh peeled off, revealing a fly’s head underneath.

Finally, when the Brunderfly was at its end, and yet still crawling towards the terrified female (who, by the way, has a shotgun in her hand), her hesitation to shoot Brunderfly caused a guy at the back to shout out, “Oh my god, stupid bitch!”

What a gloriously gory movie that was! Eating lunch was a tentative effort afterwards.

Well, that’s it. Not much else really happened…oh except for a revelation that came hand in hand with a fair amount of disappointment…


Come On And Hold You Like Candy

[Thieving – Lovedrug]

Today I went to see Paranormal Activities with Jen, Sonia and Susan.

I got up very early and took an early train to the city. Went to Melb Uni to ask a few questions (mainly asking what other choices I have now that I PROBABLY won’t get into my course. I fell 0.25 short of the required score, which is 97.6 You do the maths). Then went to Allan’s Music (I got lost. Don’t ask) to get a capo – lingered in the guitar section looking at all the cool electric guitars – and then went to the Secret Book Shop (I swear there is a name for that store) to get Wreck This Journal for Katherine.

Okay, errands were done. I went back to Melb Central, where Cathy said she wanted to meet up. I went to the upstairs foodcourt to get something to nom on seeing as I was a bit early, and as I was walking in I saw in my short sighted peripherals some chick with an Asian fringe pointing at me. I veered towards that blob, and I realized it was Mai, with Jenny T and D.P. and Wes. I sat with them for a bit (they’d just come back from staying at an apartment for Esther’s birthday). Ate their food instead of buying some. Win.

Cathy called again, so I went down to see her (HUG HUG HUG I haven’t seen her in so long!!) and teased her a bit about growing out her fringe. Then we went back to Allan’s where Jen was waiting. We went upstairs and Cathy showed off on the electric violin. At around 12 Jen and I went back to Melb Central and met Susan.

Okay, so, bought the tickets (Bel and Julia pulled out) and then ate lunch at Grill’d. Could their burgers BE any bigger? Made so many rude jokes about Jen and her meat. Stuffed ourselves silly, and then basically the three of us played on our iPod/iPhones (Unblock Me!) for ages. Then we went down to the Asian grocery to buy cheap noms for the movie. Jen took ages to decide.

Went to see the movie, Hi Sonia! Pee’d, and then sat down in our seats for the movie. The previews were nothing fresh, so the movie started.

Can I just say.

Do not.

Under any circumstances.

Pay money to watch it.


It was so boring! And it wasn’t even scary. I mean, at least Scream was funny, to make up for it being not scary. And if you’re going to do a handheld camera horror about possessions, then at LEAST try to match SOME of Emily Rose’s awesomeness. No, it wasn’t creepy that you tried to pass the whole thing off as “really happened” because we KNOW it didn’t. Instead it was just annoying watching the guy and the girl walk around bitching to each other. The ONLY remotely fun part was Night 21, and when the psychic pissed off after being scared. That WAS pretty funny.

Anyway, I wasn’t really ever taking the movie seriously (Susan, on my left, clawed the air in fright every time a sudden movement happened) and then my phone buzzed. I had forgotten to sign out of MSN. Jenny Z started talking to me and I told her about how bored I was watching P.A. She laughed and told me to be patient and wait for Night 21.

There was this funny bit in Night 20 where they were sleeping and their sheets got blown like there was air under the sheets. It was meant to be creepy because it’s the Demon getting in, but I giggled and said, “Haha she farted” which made everyone laugh. So, moment ruined.

Then in Night 21, when it was really tense, I pushed Jen who screamed, “STOP DOING THAT!” and then the guys behind us started laughing ‘cos they saw me shove Jen. Then when the girl stood up, and, possessed, walked over to the guy still sleeping and “supernaturally” removed his sheets, one of the girls sitting in front of me said, “He-lloooo” in a suggestive tone. Another scary moment ruined.

To top the whole thing off, when the movie finished and the curtains closed, music came on in the theater. Guess what song? Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” WHAT?! “I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night” after a (supposed) horror movie? WHO THOUGHT OF THAT?

Left the cinemas laughing.

Walked around with Sonia and Jen for a bit (Susan went home) and then said bye to them pretty quickish. Got home, dinner’d, and then went driving for a bit (first time in 2 years). I was actually still pretty okay at it. So. Here’s to muscle memory.


P.S. Didn’t mention Jenny Z enough. Hi Jenny Z. My master.

I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In This Place

[But It’s Better If You Do – Panic! At The Disco]

Tonight, while texting Katherine, this conversation happened:

(Right after me mentioning Paranormal Activities and horror films etc)

Katherine: “Have you seen that old Dulux ad where the ghost ran into the wall but couldn’t go through it?”

Me: “Yeah that ad made me lol and I bet it stopped you from sleeping for several nights.”

Katherine: “Omg. How did you know?! I asked my dad if my walls were painted with Dulux and then it’d get me thinking, ‘what if a ghost got stuck in my room?!’ I hated that ad.”

Seeing as she wants to redecorate her room, I was thinking I’d help paint her walls in Dulux, then one day ask her sister for a huge favor, and wake Katherine up in the middle of the night dressed up as a ghost, and running around the room bumping into walls and unable to get out.

Hmm, ideas.