Hello, Good Friend

[Never Knew – The Rocket Summer]

Yesterday I had my first job interview, and then I went to Lois’ place.

Before I went into the city I had some time to kill, so I quickly met up with Jenny at the Glen, and she walked me to the station. It was very very much appreciated!

It wasn’t really an one-on-one interview anyway, it was more of a group thing. I went to Advance Fitness on Bridge Rd. After filling out some forms and all, Zoe (the HR girl) came in and we all introduced ourselves and why we were interested in the role (I was the only one who said, “Because I don’t know how to do anything else”). Then we read through a very simple sample script. I felt like I sounded like a hoarse transvestite (that’s what I get for yelling at Spanna’s), but as I got on the tram to leave later on I got a call from them, and now I have a 2nd round interview next Thursday.

I got to Lois’ house (which is, in one simple word, huge) and they were making cake. Jenny greeted me with a hug (which I have to make a big deal out of, despite everything else haha) and then put cream on my face from the cake she was making. Nashi, Kev and Steph were already there, and Andrew was getting a haircut. Steph played some fail pool (when I say fail pool, I meant she disregarded all rules and regulations, but still failed), and then Pom arrived. Basically sat around for a bit and watched the girls play DDR (I don’t think Pom understood the fact that standing on the down button meant the menu will keep scrolling down), then we started watching Scary Movie 3 which skipped, so we moved onto Scary Movie 4. I tried and was half successful in falling asleep until in one “scary” scene Jenny screamed and woke me up. Apparently Scary Movie is scary…

“Tempura sushi sashimiiiiiiiii”

You’ll understand if you’ve seen it.

After the movie we went back out and they started making dumplings. They chopped up all the ingredients, and I was put in charge of cooking the eels – which Pom has never eaten. I don’t know if she enjoyed it – which was weird, because apparently you cook them with the packet on. Anyway.

Steph started chugging down the Aloe “frog sperm” that she became addicted to (she’s never had that either. What a surprise!) and so we (Pom, Steph and I) sat at the kitchen bench watching Lois, Jenny and Andrew make the dumplings.

Andrew failed.

I laughed at his failure.

When Lois went to cook the dumplings, she complained that there were loose meat just floating around the water. I laughed and pointed at Andrew. Well, he did try to make dumplings without dabbing some water onto the skin. HOW ELSE DOES IT STICK?!

There was flour on the dumpling skins, so it prompted Jenny to mark everyone with flour. Love, I know you’re reading this, if you’re going to mark your territory…

Pom had to leave before we ate dinner (we were cooking dinner at 8:30) but otherwise everyone else stayed to eat at the table like a family. We made jokes about the dumplings, and then it was discovered that Kev wasn’t very skilled in drinking. Sorry I had to mention it! But at least, now, Kev, you know.

Jenny wanted to change the music upstairs, but was scared to go up by herself as it was dark and she was paranoid that a “green baby” (like the ones from The Grudge) would climb down the walls and eat her. So she took Lois upstairs with her. Unanimously, we all stood up and hid behind the walls near the stairs, waiting for those two to come down. In the end, when Jenny came down, I shouted “RAH!” and she started screaming while walking calmly towards the sofa, where she buried her face.

Then she tried to squeeze the living heck out of me as punishment. It really. Really. Hurt.

I left after that, and it was a really great night filled with laughter, funny shit, and lovely hugs.

(Jenny just said, “What the hell?” because I am on the phone with her. Apparently we didn’t do lovely hugs. Well. Eh.)


This City Is On Fire Tonight

[Good Life – OneRepublic]

Thanks to Katherine who showed me that song! I finally got around to making that video montage for Sorrento today.

It was quite amusing going through the photos that I took, as well as the other girls, and having memories be revived. It also astounds me that around this time last year I went to Sale. ONE YEAR ALREADY! Yet Jen and I still make the same jokes.

I was contemplating whether or not to post the video on here but I thought perhaps that wouldn’t be wise. So search it up on youtube, or even better it’s on Facebook, not that just anyone can see it.

Jenny (from now on whenever I mention a Jenny it’s Jenny Z, unless specified otherwise. Jen is still Jen, a different person. Note to self: make friends with different names) introduced me to/pushed me to actually go on Lamebook and I’m pretty much hooked reading the stupidity of other people. I’d reblogged on Tumblr quite a lot of the good ones I’ve found (my Tumblr link is on the side of the page “SmellsLikeAwesome”) but go check it out for yourselves. My personal favorite category are the TypOHs.

I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time at home from now because of my mom (personal family issues, nothing to be too concerned about), but I look forward to maybe going to the mass IKEA hide and seek on Saturday.

On another note: TV shows are back! Just today, I’ve caught up on the latest episodes of HIMYM, House and NCIS, with TBBT, FlashForward and Lie To Me soon to follow, I think. And update: no jobs yet. I’ll keep trying but I’m getting kind of annoyed and depressed.

Take care,


We’ll come back in 5 years’ time…

On the way home from English SAC today (which, in the words of Dom, I semi-raped. That in itself is funny because I wrote a rape scene in. Anyway) we were just randomly discussing things, happy to get stuff over and done with. And, I forget how we got onto the topic, we were saying how in five years’ time we’ll come back and Eunice will be the most successful and rich out of all of us.

Then I was saying how I’d end up not that rich but making TV references left right and center.

And Carmaine will come back to twist everyone’s arms around.

And then I was going to say Bee, but I wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. I asked her, and she fluttered her extremely long lashes and winked, “It’ll be a mystery.”

So I said, “Yeah, Bee will come back and be like, you won’t know what I’m doing but I can just LOOK at you and I know what you do. Yeah, I can just STUDY your BEHAVIOR and know what you ate for DINNER last night.”

And we laughed, because it’s probably true.