Holy crap, you’re beautiful

Today I dragged Clare with me to the city to pick up the Harry Potter 7 tickets, and so that we can hang out.

There are some highlights, and I’ll note them here:

We were walking along a corridor in Melbourne Central when one of the product promoters got her attention. Despite her not so valiant efforts to walk on, she got pulled aside.

So started around 15 minutes of the guy putting product after product on her arm, like moisturizer, exfoliating cream, some random salt thing, etc etc etc. It was really obvious that he was ultimately leading towards a sale.

I sat myself in between her and the promoter, and just watched her struggle to politely say no. The promoter told her he’d give her a product for free, then changed the paid-product to half price, then quarter price, then eighth price, and still, obviously, Clare refused. She begged me to get her out, but I was enjoying watching it too much.

In the end, I thought I should probably help her. So I suddenly piped up, in my best acting skills, said, “Oh wait, are these products for your face? You can’t use anything on your face, Clare, don’t you have allergies?”

She gave me a blank look.

“Yeah, the allergies on your face. I thought the cream was for your arm. You can’t wear stuff on your face.”

The blank looked continued for a bit longer. But realization was finally stirring awake.

The guy asked her, “Oh, this is organic. Hypo-allergenic. You use makeup, right?”

“No,” replied Clare.

The guy gave her a slightly skeptical look. “Exfoliate?”


“Moisturize, right?”

“Like…once a week.”

The guy didn’t seem to believe her, but after more forceful explaining that Clare really didn’t need the product, we managed to escape.

I also learned today that apparently Clare doesn’t wear makeup. I’d always thought when I saw her at Uni that she wears some makeup…but apparently she doesn’t. She woke up late today and rushed out of the house to meet me. Her hair and face was perfect. She woke up looking presentable.

It reminded me of a scene from HIMYM when Barney said, “What happens when he sees you without makeup, Robin?” and Robin replied, “I’m not wearing any makeup now.” Barney stopped short and exclaimed, “Holy crap, you’re beautiful.”

People like that actually exist.