From All Sides

I stand still, lost. Not in the sense that I have no idea where I am, but rather unsure where I am going to go.

I feel like I’ve been here before – the branches look familiar, the air smells familiar, and the crushing drop of my stomach when I finally realize that I am lost is definitely familiar.

But I look closer.  The trees are shorter. The birds are quieter.  This is a different forest. I had entered this forest because it had been less intimidating, because I was sure that if I managed to find my way out of that previous fucked up forest, I would find my way through this smaller one easier.

And, I was wrong.


Singer In A Smoky Room

[Don’t Stop Believin’ – Glee Cast Cover, original by Journey]

I don’t usually post pictures here anymore, but lemme just say, this picture is fueling me to watch all of Lost, ASAP.

Sorry if it’s a bit big for the browser.

I got this off “The Daily” on Tumblr, and this was the description:

Make-Believe Map of the Day: The most accurate geographical map of the Lost island ever illustrated, by Professional cartographer Jonah Adkins, who spent the past four years designing and revising this masterpiece.

Ahhhh Video Ezy here we go!


P.S. If I ever didn’t give due credit for pictures to their respective owners, I am really sorry. Usually, when I post a picture, if it’s mine, I will have already boasted about it, or it will have my face in it. But from this point on, I will give credit where it’s due to the pictures that are not mine, because saying it’s not mine is not the same as telling people whose it is. And some people (like this dude) had put a crapload of effort into the stuff that they create. This was brought to my attention from Katherine, so there, I credited her as well.