Just a dash of formaldehyde

[Build God, Then We’ll Talk  – Panic! At The Disco]

On my morning train ride today, I bumped into a girl who I keep bumping into particularly on Wednesdays in the morning. She’s studying some pretty interesting psychology and biology stuff, so she’s always regaling me with factoids.

This morning, she told me about how a friend of hers in Cornell had a lecturer who showed them this bone which had 26 markings on it, and said how researchers thought that it was evidence that the primitive man used to use the bone as a way to mark the passing of each day.

The lecturer then said, “but I ask you this: what kind of man would need to mark out 26 days exactly? Wouldn’t it make more sense that a primitive woman used this as a way to mark her menstrual cycle?”

When I heard this, I enjoyed a light-bulb igniting moment where my mind was opened up to beyond the generalizations which I have come to accept as normality, to a mindset where in primitive times, there were women too, and they did as much as the men did.