Sealed The Exits With Caution Tape

[Dear Vienna – Owl City]

Clearly I’m playing Owl City today haha. Okay, today I caught up with some primary school friends.

Sorry, I guess I’ll be dropping a lot of new names here.

I got on the train this morning at 10:26 (which is earlier than I’ve been waking lately) and saw Ula when she walked on. Got excited ‘cos it’s about 19 days ’til her wedding! Nice.

Ka- called me freaking because she apparently doesn’t take trains often, so she ran onto a carriage and thought, “Okay I’ll stay here and they’ll figure out how to find me.” I told her to go up the train, and when she was running up, she heard the announcement that the train was on Platform 2, so she freaked and ran into the wrong carriage again.

Okay, okay sorry I had to say it! Noob…

Cas got on at Mount Waverley, and it was really great to see those two again, because I haven’t seen Cas since Yr 10 (or thereabouts) and I haven’t seen Ka- since Gr 6.

Talk talk talk on train. Ka- had an awful cold. Then got off at Richmond, and waited for Yas. I made a bit more fun of Ka- regarding trains, and Cas said, “Oh come on, don’t call her a noob, especially when she doesn’t know what it means.”

We high fived.

Yas appeared (hadn’t seen her since Gr 6 pretty much, either) and we took the train to South Yarra. I didn’t get lost to Jam Factory this time! Got our tickets and sat down at Gloria Jean’s outside for some drinks. Some guy in there had PMS or something and demanded a refund for a drink they messed up, so we got 2 free drinks.

Chatted, caught up, laughed a lot (Yas laughs like an old bed-spring) and then went to see Sherlock Holmes.

Yas and Ka- were pretty noisy but it was funny because…well when you haven’t seen friends in a long time everything they do is weird but funny. I felt sleepy halfway through, and didn’t enjoy the movie as much as reviews would’ve suggested I do. Still pretty cool the way he fought, and deducted from observations.

Went back to Flinders and then went to Melb Central. Unfortunately we passed Photoplus where Ka- (a while girl, no less) insisted we get sticker photos. Of the 4 that were printed, I wasn’t in one of them because Cas stabbed my ribs and I jerked out of the shot. Lovely.

Cas had to leave at that point, so after getting some quick sushi she left. I took Yas and Ka- to Big W and got these babies:

Many thanks to Katherine for telling me they were on sale! Big W for 30 bucks. Not bad bass for it, too!

At that point we went back to Melb Central and decided to go home. Said bye to Yas and took the old ass train with Ka-. It was really hot! Just our luck to ride that bloody train too. Discussed TV shows on the way back (NCIS being a clear favorite. Go NCIS.) and then bid her farewell while I took the bus home.

Nina was meant to come but she…couldn’t. So I think another reunion is in sight! Very much looking forward to it.


P.S. It was endearing that they tried so hard to call me Alex (I forgot and called myself by my other name), and apparently I never showed affection to them, so me hugging them was new. Huh.

Whatever It Takes I’m Not Going To Break The Promise I Made

[When I’m With You – Faber Drive]

This is Day 1 of Sorrento:

I thought that I’d write down some stuff that happened on my iPod so I wouldn’t have to sit through the process of remembering things, and then getting them chronologically off, etc. In the end I put myself through it.

So this is Dec 1, Sorrento Day 1, as far as my memory can reach.

The Glenny line decided to fuck itself up in the morning so after I grabbed some bread for lunch, I met Tiff outside Bubble Cup and her dad drove us to Nunuwading station. We went to Box Hill where we waited for Spanna (and where Katherine failed to get her ass to Box Hill on time to say goodbye. Tut.) and then we took the train to Richmond. Saw Nik, which was a nice surprise. Waited at Richmond for ages because the rest of them missed the initial train. Sonam was with us at Richmond for a while. Took the train to Frankston 20 minute later than thought. The new train system, Metro, seemed to life referring to itself in 3rd person (“Metro now arriving at Cheltnam”).

Arrived at Frankston minus Bel and Julia who were being driven ahead with all the food, and Susan who apparently drove there as well, herself (with her parents in the car too, of course. I think). Waited for the bus to Portsea, and then sat down for the long-ass bus journey. April and I sat near the back of the bus while the rest of them sat in the huge area near the front. A group of dumb girls sat with April and myself. Their conversation provided entertainment and ego boosts.

About 2/3 of the way through the bus ride, and it was around the point of Rosebud or Dromana, some old ladies got on. I told the girls up front to offer their seats and they said that have, but the old ladies didn’t want them. Two seconds later a bogan crazy woman at the back got up, rushed to the front and screamed at my friends to get off the seats and give them to the older ladies. She went back to her seat (where her bouquet of flowers took up an entire seat next to her. Just saying.) and I swear Sonam was about to blow up with anger.

The old ladies then started making lovely conversation with Sonam.

Arrived at Sorrento, and walked to our house, 1 Maverick St, “Winton”. Five minutes in (the house was really great actually) April, Lily and I left to walk to Blairgowrie which is the closest town to get some more stuff. Blairgowrie was approximately…actually Google Maps.

B would be where we stayed. A would be where IGA and the post office was, roughly. 3.2 kms each way, 39 minutes by foot, each way. My feet caned when I got home. (But that wouldn’t be the only time I make that trip.)

The afternoon of the first night was a blur, but I do remember eating BBQ and the cous cous April made. I swear I really did got vegetarian for a whole day, but the BBQ was too good to say no to.

Started on the large DVDs we had to watch. So we watched Silent Hill and that was shockingly bad. Then they watched 10 Things I Hate About You but I sort of knocked off a bit before it finished. Then when they were all done I went back to the couch. The couch, by the way, was actually really comfortable.

I slept well, I had to keep my strength up for the next day.

Which I will write about later.