The injustice of it all…

MHS has been closed down for a week (I’ve heard this from 2 rather reliable sources. One of them dates a MHS boy the other IS a MHS boy).

MacRob, however, is not.

Christina and I were in Chinese when I got the news from Catherine, and Christina prompted complained, “Why can’t we just get some Yr 9s to go pash some MHS guys so we can get a week off school?”

Political incorrectnesss and just plain meanness aside, I agree with her.

MHS is PRACTICALLY MacRob, disease-wise. If they get closed down why can’t we? Sure, they have 6 confirmed cases and we have 2 awaitng test results and me who is feeling a bit feverish, but still.

The one good thing that’s come out of this partial closure is that at least Flinders St in the mornings won’t be crowded by juniors and their boyfriends/wannabe boyfriends/wannabes.


I fold!

I have avoided any mention of the Swine Flu since it came out because I was hoping at least one blog wouldn’t mention it somewhere. But hey look, I fold.

MHS has 2 guys who have Swine Flu. Apparently it came from the Junior Social (which OF COURSE I was NOT at) where a MGC girl who has it went there, made out with…well okay the point is 2 MHS guys have it. And I’m rather worried because MHS is quite closely linked with MacRob (take it how you may) and yeah, what’s gonna happen now? Plus, you may remember, I was hanging out with DOM and MHS BOY yesterday. Am I infected?


A Night Out With The Beast

(No, I’m not talking about Dani’s cleavage. Ahhh in-ish joke.)

I am extremely glad I have something I can post under “social life” again.

Last night I had a really full night, because it was Julia’s birthday dinner as well as Beauty and the Beast, the combined musical by MacRob and MHS.

The evening/night started when school ended and I headed off into the city with Sonam, Tiff, Vania and a bunch of others who, to make this blog more coherent, will only be named and censored when need be. We planned to meet up with Julia, Bel and Jen (and a similar other bunch) later on at the restaurant.

The plan had originally been to go to this cafe on Little Collins to let Tiff perve on some hot guy. We were slow getting out of the school so we powered up Little Collins (Town Hall side) only to find that the cafe (assuming it was the one April recommended) was closed. So we powered back down to the other end of Little Collins where we were about to enter Laurent. It was full so we went down a causeway and went into an Asian-run Italian themed cafe. It wasn’t bad, quite cosy, but it wasn’t as good as Giraffe (and I forgot its name).

After drinking and paying for coffee (I read my drink price wrong which held us up for about 10 minutes as Lisa tried to compensate for my stupidity) we went back down to Swanston St to catch a train up to the restaurant. There was some sort of giveaway going on and there was a mass of people on the opposite side to the Town Hall. I thought it was a gig but apparently not.

Went up to the restaurant. I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it was Italian and you get there via the Glen Iris tram stopping at Stop 31. Most of the people arrived and we started eating. There were pizzas and gnocchi and pasta and so forth and we all had a pretty awesome time joking around and making fun of Jen – who is such a good sport – and eating. A while into dinner we realized that the other end of the table was definitely having more fun than our end, so we tried to think of something fun to talk about but all Jen could do was bleat (literally).

Then food finished and we all made a racket taking pictures and singing happy birthday AGAIN. Jen and JenT tried to harmonise for 5 minutes to no avail. Then, when Tiff went to the bathroom Suse had the bright idea to hide under the tables so that when Tiff came back out she wouldn’t know where we were. We did it, and we were totally idiotic, with us giggling and hissing “SHH” all the time.

Got told off by the owner of the store so we paid and left, and decided to walk to MHS instead of tram.

Had a pretty interesting conversation with Lisa on the way there. I had to find a bathroom halfway down and unfortunately got lost coming back out (IT WAS MAZEY OKAY?!).

Got to MHS with time to spare, and waited around for Fel, Bee, Shaz, Mash and Fel’s friend Ryan. Turned out they’d passed me and were inside already (despite Bee saying she called my name I was annoyed and cold). Met Ryan, and saw a Yr 10 MHS guy with uber long/big blonde hair. I can’t describe it. It’s sort of punk/skater boy, shoulder length, huge fringe etc. He was an usher so I kept on trying to see his hair.

My English student teacher sat in front of me, coincidentally, and I wasn’t sure if it was her because her hair had changed. But it was her.

I don’t think I’ll give a review of the musical because I can’t be bothered, but I thought – and this was agreed upon – that this was the best one in the 4 years I have been here (and I went to every single one of them). The costumes, especially Cogsworth’s, was SO COOL! And Mrs Potts ACTUALLY had steam coming out of the spout of one “hand”. Or the hand of one “spout” whatever.

So, if you have the time, there is one last show tonight at 7:30 at MHS in South Yarra. Tickets aren’t that expensive and it’s totally worth it. No idea if it’s sold out.

Afterwards, we said bye to Ryan and (OH YEAH I saw Khanie during intermission and talked for a bit) Fel’s dad drove us home. I slept at 12:30 in time to be woken up at 6:00 by my dad forgetting to turn off his alarm (he was on conference so of course he wasn’t there to shut it).

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…Beauty and the Beast.”



Yesterday I went on a BBQ that I was invited to by someone I knew from two years ago. I figured it would be okay. I ended up being introduced to a whole bunch of MHS guys who I either will never meet again or hope to never meet again.

But there was free food, which was a bonus. Although the Tim Tams melted in the sun (a guy dared another one to eat a melted Tim Tam, figure) and the picnic rug was a pale floral bedsheet and the mushrooms looked like brains, the sausages were good (oh, ha, ha) and the snacks were good. People brought heaps of soft drinks, and a small esky in which we tried to stuff a shitload of ice and meat in. It didn’t close.

Cathy and Ang- were there, and Ang brought her friend Andrew. I knew Cathy was gonna be there but it was a pleasant surprise to see Ang- there, and thank god too, because the four of us (including Andrew, who by the way in case you got confused is not the Andrew that belongs to Dani) just sat at a picnic bench and talked (it was by the Yarra, so it was windy, and I DEMANDED shade!). Then a guy called Keiran (I’m guessing that’s the male spelling) who’d previously thrown a Freddo at my head joined us, and threw half of Ang-‘s unwanted sausage into the river. We screamed at rowers and then when Linh came I managed to convince everyone that she was my second cousin (god I love that) and sparked a solid 3 minute debate on what second cousins actually are. I maintain that second cousins are when one of your parents is cousins with one of their parents. Others said it was your cousin’s cousin. I said, “That would be yourself.”

In the morning before the BBQ, Carmaine had a volleyball game at MSAC and when she finished she found me at Melb Central, and we went to RMIT to play pool (that’s fast becoming a regular thing. We’ll seriously end up being regulars there, even if we don’t go to RMIT in the future). We met (I met, Carmaine saw) Jack and Charles and Tom, all MHS guys going to the BBQ, and I played Carmaine twice, won once, and Jack did the same. I dubbed Carmaine “crazy ninja” because she always managed to get some pretty nasty shots in. For what it’s worth, the games were very close, for we all fought out with the 8-ball by the end.

Carmaine and I went to the BBQ only to have Carmaine leave almost immediately (but not before meeting Jalex (yes I realise the semblance to my previous blog, but these two are completely irrelevant) and subsequently…well I won’t say anything nasty but if you’d met Jalex then you’d too be…) and I picked up Cathy. Cathy, Ang-, Andrew and I left at around 2 promising to come back (we never did. The food ran out and everyone was getting bored) and we went into the CBD. We said bye to Ang- and Andrew at Dymocks and later April joined us. The three of us bought Bubble Cup (they need bigger menus for shorted sighted folks) and sat in front of State Library and talked. April and Cathy got along quite well! I think it was mostly because they were both DUX’s of Year 10 (nerds) and both had a boyfriend they gushed over.

Cathy left and April and I went to find some new shoes for her (her current shoes look like they’ve been to hell and back, and then had to make a return trip because it fell apart in Helllll) and at around 5 I found Carmaine again and we took the train home.

Because I was so late home, I ended up taking the bus and walking home from the bus stop. It pleased me that I wasn’t at all out of breath when I arrived home, nor were my parents scolding me for being late (I called in advance to say I’ll be home later, but I still expected a telling-off and a lecture on safety).

Aaaaand that was it for the week. Nada and zilch for the rest of the week (which suits me fine but also I want to see BRuCE again, god do I have absence withdrawal) and next week is officially the last week of unofficial holidays. Carmaine leaves next week. I hope that sentence has as much impact on others as it does on me.

De Fluffe, Out.