I Nom A Blackberry

Well I suppose I have to brag about it. It’s probably unsafe. But who cares.

Today, as a sort of semi-joke I said to my parents, “I should get a new phone. I’ve had this Nokia since Yr 9!” And to my surprise they said yes.

So at first I pretty much had my sights set on the Nokia N97 (I always liked Nokia) then a sales rep showed me the Samsung HD which totally had me hooked, especially at its amazing camera and stuff. But then another rep told me that in order for the Samsung HD to basically be fun, you have to be constantly linked to the internet, and to do that it would be cheaper to be put on plan, and I want to stay with Optus Prepaid.

Then the same (2nd) sales rep told me about the Blackberry Curve 8500 (I’m pretty sure that’s the number) and then introduced me to the Optus Blackberry Turbocap Prepaid offer. Since I was on Turbocap already, it’s gonna be the same amount of money, but I get to have 12 months of free internet and email from the Blackberry.

So, I said yes.

Then my parents said yes.

Within 30 minutes I was trying to get the battery in and updating all my contacts (which ended up taking over 2 hours because I’m a bit pedantic about the neatness of my contacts) and then tomorrow I’ll put on some music so I actually…won’t have to rely on the funny midi noises to know when someone is calling me.

Okay, well, I’m happy.

Oh and finally, I might be getting a Telstra prepaid number so I can text Telstra prepaids with the 1c text thing. If I do, I suppose this blog will know about it.


April Fool’s Day…Fools…

So, today was the awesome April Fools Day. I wasn’t able to do much damage but in the future I do plan…to…yeah…

I was thinking last night about possible pranks. My scope of prank-ness only stretches so far as emails and texts, because there’s not much I can do physically on such short notice.

I’d wanted to get Carmaine but I couldn’t think of a prank that is awesome enough. But I figured out 2 good ones, one for Cathy and one for Dani.

I won’t share what I did to Cathy seeing as 1) she hasn’t responded yet (never checks her phone) and 2) it’s a bit personal. I did hit below the belt on that one.

The one I did to Dani, despite failing because Dani also doesn’t check her phone on time, was this:

I texted her last night asking if she was going to Period 1 as Madd- is away and we have a free. This was for 2 reasons. 1 was to ascertain around when she might be home and awake, and 2 was to set up my prank.

I texted her at 7:50, when I was still on the train, “Omg I’ve been knocking on your door for 5 minutes! Wtf does no one hear me?” and then I waited 2 minutes, during which she should have sufficient time to do a mad dash to her door, and texted “If you fell for that, Happy April Fools.”

She texted back in about 20 minutes telling me that she’d not checked her phone until much later, at 8. The upside was that she really did for a moment panic. The obvious downside was that she didn’t look stupid. Which, I must admit, was my relished goal.

I also texted April on a whim, saying that I’d “got bored last night and cut my own hair, and now I have a near bald spot.” She didn’t believe me. I suppose she’s extra aware on April the 1st.

Now, to make myself feel better, I must add that I did punk Dani before. I think it was around this time last month, Dani was in the city and I was rather bored at home. I texted her, “Where are you? At this very literal moment.”

She replied cheerfully, “At Price Attack on Swanston.”

“Thought so, turn around!”

Waited for about 30 seconds.

“Did you turn around?”


Ah, hey look, I do feel miles better.

2 years ago Eunice texted me (well, I suppose with our limited resources the best pranks are over texts) saying, and allow me to try to find the actual text:

“OMG! My mum just told me that we need to be out of our house in two weeks and that we’re going house-hunting today…in friggin Endeavour Hills. I don’t wanna move!!! ARGH!”

Then I, ever so stupid and gullible, replied (and pardon the swearing I am giving an exact recount except with not too many abbreviations):


I suppose she was the one who started my want to punk others on April Fools. Thanks, Eunice.

I’ve one more official day of school uniform left before I get to be in casual. I can’t wait.

Hope the holidays provide me with writing material. Oh and of course I haven’t forgotten my Summer Project which I suppose I should change the name to “Half-Arsed Project” or something to that effect.


Actually, from now on I’ll sign out as Alex.