Faking My Own Suicide

I’m faking my own suicide.
Because I know you love me,
You just haven’t realized.

Faking My Own Suicide – Relient K

I dressed up as a ninja today, and it was heaps fun. April had this little scary (blunt) dagger and I had the nunchucks borrowed off Dom (which, by the way, were so much fun to just hold ‘cos people kept on wanting it haha). I went up to the stage when it was Oreads’ turn to parade, and I did the HYAH! thing all ninjas do. It was heaps fun. Heaps. Fun. Oreads had so many awesome costumes, but I think I might have to admit Gen and Pras-‘s hakka was the BEST! And they won it fair and square too.

As to the song, it was just stuck in my head today. Nothing meaningful.

Mai (aha, here’s the mention) dressed up in traditional Vietnamese costume and it was really really yellow. Julia Yr 11 dressed in a Korean costume and that was so bloody cool except she had trouble climbing up onto the stage because of it.

No more dressing up for Multicultural Week anymore. I saw Ca- today at Glen Waverley station. She graduated last year and when I told her that today was the parade, she “aww”ed nostalgically. She’s doing med at Monash. Figures.



Have I mentioned this? Tomorrow is Multicultural Week at our school so I’m dressing up as a ninja as per agreed upon with April last year after watching Viking Girl go nuts onstage.

Today we had to wear blazers as we had this proper assembly about how we’re acknowledging that the land we are on tradtionally belongs to the Aboriginal people. I think that…well hey it’s about time something happens in that field, and it’s good we’re one of the first schools to do such a thing because I know in the future this’ll become a big deal. Like in the future, my kid (my kid? Look let’s not get into specifics) would ask me “Mom, when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Sorry in 2008, where were you?” And I would be very proud indeed to be able to tell my kid that “Mom was watching the broadcast live on TV at school. That day, no one really had any classes, and everyone went to a classroom with a TV and we all watched Mr Rudd give that speech. And then we watched Brendan Nelson give the other really awful speech. It was a really big deal, you know, what happened.”

Anyway, so, ninja.

I went to Dani’s place this afternoon to pick out some black clothing (I borrowed all black stuff, so I said to her, “I could lose these clothes in the dark, you know…”) and Andrew so skilfully bagged my size by leaning on my head. But yeah, I’m ready for tomorrow. The scarf is a bit of a problem it always slips off. I don’t know, we’ll figure something out. And maybe April might get her hands on the balaclavas.

I also nabbed a ring off Dani. See, my fingers are very thin, and most rings fall off, but this one not only stays on but actually got stuck a bit. So I get to keep it because…well if it sticks on me like hell Dani would ever be able to wear it…

I have a bit of Eng Lang to do (a bit? A bit my ass) tonight and for the next few nights, and some Legal to do by Friday. But yeah, other than that I am literally winging it as it comes. Did badly at Maths, too.


Being Australian Part 3

Thus, the final instalment of Being Australian.

This one was my personal favourite question, “Are We A Clone Of America?”

Hollywood probably has the biggest influence on the Western world, so it’s not surprising that Australia would try to be as like as such a strong country as possible. Hollywood shows and movies have proven popular and successful, so Australia would naturally try to import and mimic as many and much of America as possible.

But that’s just likeness; are we a clone of America?

The simple answer is: yes, and no.

(Yes, I know, that doesn’t sound like a simple answer at all. In fact it sounds like an invitation to a long discussion. Well. It is.)

Being a clone would imply that all of Australia is more or less a mini America (albeit a less capable one), and the truth is, we’re not. Sure, there are similarities. We both came to a new country and totally drove out the natives already living there, then trying to convert them to our own religion (not “we” personally, but you know), but they didn’t steal huge numbers of the native children from their homes over a period of 30 years.

And honestly, and ironically, we don’t have the cultural diversity America has, they’ve got the Hispanics and some African-Americans, and we don’t have many of those. I say ironically, because Australia prides herself in being such a multicultural country. To that, I reply, chill out! They may have more than we do, but we’re definitely more tolerant and overall nicer than America.

So, are we a clone of America? Maybe. We’ve absorbed the popular parts of their society and culture, but as to the parts where they ‘stink’ we’ve definitely bettered them.

De Fluffe. Out.