Call This A Prelude To A Lifetime Of You

[Dismantle.Repair. – Anberlin]

My Semester 2 subject Culture, Media and Everyday Life requires me to keep this blog for a semester, where I write about my thoughts on the subject. It actually means I have to write there rather often. It’s like the Yr 11 English assignment all over again.

Basically, the blog is so fantastically named The Life And Laughs Of This Uni Assignment, and I have linked this blog to that blog. I will link that blog to this blog too, but I don’t think you can comment anonymously. Still, if you read something that got your interest, you can always just comment me here, or leave a comment on my Formspring, and I will answer it in that blog.

This juggle act wasn’t actually my choice, but hey.

Now, in the lecture today the teacher was trying to tell us about what to do, and in her curious haste, Mai posted a blog post titled “3:56PM on a lazy Monday afternoon“, which was during the lecture. Right after she posted it, the lecturer went on the homepage Dashboard where all the posts can be seen, and remarked “oh look we have the latest post here…which…was posted a few minutes ago. Huh, I wonder if someone was posting during this lecture.” At this point, Mai was cowering in embarrassment while the rest of us around her shook with silent laughter. I wish, oh I wished the lecturer would click into the post, where Mai wrote “I may or may not be blogging during a lecture”, but that didn’t happen.

As a result, though, Mai is getting insane blog hits and she hasn’t written anything. And the amount of interaction and hits we receive go towards how well our marks are at the end of the semester.

I’d like to think that I have an advantage in this, because I already am used to blogging, but hey, we’ll see.

So, by all means, help me and go to that blog often!


P.S. Unfortunately the blog wouldn’t show my name as Alex…

French Fries For Fingers

Alliteration kicks ass! Or no…alliteration = beastlike rapage ftwinrar!

Yes, this post will be about Dom.

Today I had 1 period. Teachers didn’t show up. Worst waste ever. Dani, Eunice and I went to Dani’s place after P5 ended, and Dani and Eunice went Op-Shopping whilst I went to her apartment to use the bathroom. Etah tried to kill me again.

Anyway, Andrew said do what you want, so I started playing Guitar Hero. I sucked after not playing for so long, and considering I was shit to start with…

Eunice and Dani came back, and Eunice played 2 games with me. Then she left because she needed to go home to make her dress for Bee’s.

Dom came over, but not without difficulty.

Instructions: Take the 112 to West St Kilda, when you see Coles pull the cord. Then call us.

Result: [ring ring]

Me: Hey Dom, where are you?

Dom: I think I missed it.

Me: Did you see Coles?

Dom: I didn’t see Coles.

Me: Where are you?

Dom: On my way to MSAC.

Me: You idiot. Get off, come back.

Dom: Oh I have Google Maps.

Dom came over and I told him to show Andrew how to play Guitar Hero well, because I know Dom is good.

He started on the Expert level.

And he was very, very, very good.

When there was a really really fast mad bit, Andrew Dani and I all turned to look at Dom’s fingers on the guitar neck to see how he does it. Andrew commented that his fingers look like French Fries.

Then, Andrew made the funniest, but rudest comment:

“Holy shit man, you can probably finger-fuck a girl faster than she can blink.”

D.P. came over after she finished her Spesh SAC, and we watched Dom and Andrew play a really hard song, whose name slipped my memory. Andrew was on Easy, Dom was on Expert. Andrew beat Dom. Oh shock. Then Andrew went on Medium. Andrew lost to Dom.

Anyway, I think Dani’s Guitar Hero controller is now well on its way to being broken.

I left them at Domain Interchange, no longer needing to buy things because I borrowed Andrew’s tie.

I tried all the clothes on when I got home. I looked alright. Very much looking forward to Saturday now.

I still need pants to work in.


Just being evil

Today I caught up with Pooki and her friend Mic-. They were at NGV for Top Arts or something and so we took the train home together. Eunice came with us, of course.

Eunice and I met up with Pooki and Mic- at Melb Central and I got a mini frozen coke (which, for a dollar, is seriously worth it). We then walked around Melb Central so Pooki can go shopping. Anyway so they went into Cocolatte (which I thought was a drink they wanted…sadly) and so I sat outside, my bag being too big. Mic- joined me after a while, and then Eunice and Pooki dumped their stuff with us.

Mic- said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if they came out and we were gone with their stuff?”

It took one second for me to chuckle and decide. We stood up, took their stuff, and walked off. We went to Colorado which was upstairs and just had a chat about Pooki, school, pranks we’ve pulled etc.

It took them nearly 15 minutes to call back, they spent that long in Cocolatte. Then we went into Colorado and sat on the couch, hiding Eunice’s bag in the cushions, agreeing to pretend, “Bag? Did you give us your bag? I don’t remember you giving us your bag.”

It didn’t work. The cushions were rather obvious.

So then we went down to the platform and I was going to get off at Richmond for Carmaine and Bee, who were behind us, but it was raining at Richmond and I didn’t want to get wet. Then they called and said they were on the 41 but at that point, more or less, I didn’t get off.

On the train we were discussing comebacks and whatnot. Mic- said that someone had done an awesome one on Pooki.

They were playing Taboo, and Pooki had the word “compliment”. She couldn’t get it across, so TeeTee (I mentioned this before. But I’ll say it again; I don’t call him TeeTee, Pooki does. I do it to censor his name) said he’d help her. He said, “Ah, [Pooki], you’re looking very beautiful today.” And someone said, “I know what that is! That’s a LIE!”

It rained today. That’s good. Won’t do much for our water catchment but at least it waters gardens and washes cars.