Every Aching Wound Will Cauterize And Bruise

[I Fell In Love Without You – Motion City Soundtrack]

Trying to write a few more posts, seeing as people actually read these. I cannot re-iterate enough that if you don’t comment, I just assume no one reads it (the increasing blog hits are MAGIC).

So today I had a pretty full day, which made up for the lack of anything previously. I went to brunch at Pancake Parlor (first time there) with my 12I group from highschool, and saw April for the first time in what felt like months. Because I had another lunch date later, I opted to only order a coffee (still, as you can guess, I ate food off people’s plates). The coffee was stronger than my usual competence, so by the time we left Pancake Parlor at around 11:30, I was positively buzzing.

For some odd reason, it’s hard to put into words why brunch was good, but it was. Nothing spectacular happened, no amazing revelations were announced, and it wasn’t like I haven’t hung out with these people (bar, as I said before, April) for ages, but for that period of time, it actually felt like we were going out as a group on a no-school day – an illusion shattered pretty quickly when we started discussing timetables and visiting each other’s universities.

At around 1, Lily showed up for our lunch, so after having various restaurant suggestions shot down, we decided to go to Dessert House to eat. We ate for maybe an hour (and the food was worse than I remembered, which was saddening, and salty), and when we went back out to go to JB for an errand, we ran into my 12I group at the lights. There was a fun/awkward moment when I stood right next to them as if I belonged, and then they told me to go away. Har-har hilarious.

I’d recently gotten the $7 movie voucher and was itching it use it up, so I somehow convinced Lily to see a movie. Unfortunately, I had to print out the movie voucher, so we went to State Library to use the printers, except when I plugged my USB in it won’t register. After deciding on No Strings Attached, and noting that it wouldn’t start for over an hour, we went to Melb Uni to print the voucher off at the library.

The Bailleiu Library is under construction, and I looked pretty noob in my own university getting lost trying to find the other entrance. We spent some time in the library just browsing the internet (there is a symposium (HA SPELLED IT RIGHT) for screen and TV stuff, including a talk with the WRITER OF DEXTER, so I’m totally gunning for that). We made it back to Melb Central just in time for the movie, because we just HAD TO check Facebook one last time. (By ‘we’, I meant Lily.)

The movie was pretty enjoyable – I wouldn’t say astounding, especially compared to Black Swan – and it had some pretty good laughs (my favorite being the period-mix-CD that Ashton made for Natalie – never memorized their character names. Andy and Emma or something) with a slightly-too-sweet-and-cliche ending. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see, but if you’re in the mood for some light-hearted laughs (with a slightly awkward sex scene at the start, I mean I couldn’t stop comparing Ashton to Mila…), it’s a good choice.

I suppose it’s a pretty good way to spend my last day of holidays (weekends don’t count). Here’s to Easter! Oof.