Super organization

Today at work, much to the dread of the three of us out front, we saw these three adults come in with around 8 kids.

Usually, the kids would be walking around and not deciding if they want Coke or Sprite, and the order will run on for 5 minutes and in the end someone complains that they didn’t get Sprite when they said Coke.

Except this time, the mom was so super organized. She said she’ll do one order at a time. She started off with a hundred dollar note, and each kid had to pay for their own meal – and if they didn’t have enough on them, she told each kid to remember how much they owed her, and to pay her when they get home. The kids all decided really fast, and didn’t complain, and were all really polite. After they finished, they all came back for ice-cream, and were very patient.

I have to tip my hat to the lady, she was so well organized, and so polite to us even though I can tell she was pretty stressed. Good parenting? She was definitely doing it right.