I Still Feel Your Breath On Me

[Haunting – Anberlin]

Today I went to an all-you-can-eat chicken wing dinner with Serena, Amelia and Linda at Crazy Wings Glen Waverley. If you do not want to read about how I gorged myself on grilled chicken, then you are welcome to exercise Ctrl+W.

We we originally supposed to go two Mondays ago (or was it last Monday? I’ve lost track of time) but Serena forgot to book. It was probably for the best, because today is one of the days during their mid-sem break, so we could eat and stay out late and it wouldn’t matter.

Let’s back things up a bit, though. First, I had work today, and afterwards I took the bus to Amelia’s house. Meg, who hadn’t seen me for almost 2 months, got really excited and farted on my lap. By the way, Meg is Amelia’s Maltese-Shitzu. Here’s a photo of her:

(Note: I’m not a photoblogger, so the photos are neither well composed, well cropped, nor would my blog theme complement it.)

MEG1She’s rather dumb but pliable, and as long as she loves you, she’ll let you do anything.

ANYWAY, I saw Meg again for the first time in two months, and she farted on my lap. I had to actually check my lap because it felt so warm and smelled so ripe, just in case it was actually poo and not a fart. It was a fart, but I wasn’t any happier.

After being in her house for a total for 20 minutes of a long overdue cuddle (and nothing more), we had to head out again to make our reservation at Crazy Wing, which was where I had come from in the first place not one hour earlier. We picked up Serena along the way, and took a bus back, and the entire trip had us sit in starving silence. Linda joined us outside the restaurant, and after some debate, we went in to start eating.

Long story short, the four of us wolfed down between us perhaps 60 chicken wings, which placed us as having eaten the amount that we paid and then some. Here is a photo of the first round which we ate, before and after.

Afterwards, we went for some ice cream, and sat inside the cinemas while eating it. Serena refused, absolutely refused, to let me have the bottom end of her cone.

After that, I went home, where I ate some fruit salad out of guilt. Currently I’m sitting in front of my computer with a stomach ready for hibernation. My mouth feels tacky and dry from all the grease and the beer which came as part of the all-you-can-eat deal, but if I drank any water I think I might slosh away down the heating vents.


P.S. Comment below if you want to see/read more about Meg. I absolutely adore her and I love to talk about her, and both Amelia and I obsessively take photos of her, so I have plenty to share.




Today at lunchtime, Dani brought Andrew to school again. By again I mean he was there yesterday in the Common Room from recess to lunch (and apparently got mistaken for me a few times) and by “brought” I mean “snuck in”.

Also, Etah, Dani’s roomie’s hyperactive mutt, was brought along for a walk.

So, Andrew and Dani got sushi and ate behind the gym, hidden from view by the water tank. Etah was leashed to the garage door (which thankfully stayed closed and therefore down).

Anyway, towards the end of lunch when Andrew had finished eating, he let Etah off the leash. It was fun watching the dog run around with Andrew until Etah bolted for it, around the water tank and into the Lakeside courtyard.

Dani shouted, horrified, “Baby! (Andrew) Don’t let the dog into the SCHOOL!”

Andrew started running after Etah, but stopped short. He couldn’t reveal himself.

So Dani chased after the happy fugitive, with April in tow. I followed them, infinitely amused, and watched as the two of them chased hopelessly after the dog which bolted for freedom. Etah was ecstatically running circles around the couryard, and April and Dani were running after it, flapping their arms in futile attempts to fly and shouting “COME BACK DOG! COME BACK!” all the while to an audience of bewildered and also very amused MacRobbians. I laughed, of course. Then Etah started bolting towards me, so I quickly let it chase me back to Andrew, who leashed the very excited mutt.

That was most definitely the funniest part of the day. If only I had the chase scene on film.