Summer Project

Bee and Carmaine and Eunice all have summer projects. Bee wants to get fitter, and there was something else frilly but I forgot (sorry!) and Carmaine wanted to make a dress out of another old dress, which she did, and it looks great! And there was something else, I think, that Carmaine wanted to do, but it was a frilly idea too so I blocked it out. Bee and Carmaine both want to do photoshoots that they’re directing. Eunice wants to make a clutch bag out of playing cards, and a summer dress. (My god, I have frilly friends.)

What is my summer project?

Apart from a personal secret one that I already failed [glares at Bee, the catalys of my failure] I have another one which is to CONTINUE WRITING! I haven’t really sat down and wrote something in a long time (fiction) because I haven’t had the time or the insipiration. Well I have now, and Sonam and Bee and Vania knows about it.

So I put to you, reader (AND NOW YOU HAVE TO COMMENT!), would you like me to make a new page, next to the tabs that say “Home” and “The 411”, called “Summer Project”, and every now and then, depending on the speed at which I write, I upload/update a chapter of my current piece?

Note, I am an indecisive writer, and frequently goes and to edit and change plots, dialogues, etc. And since this idea is in its infant stage, I may re-upload the same chapter twice, if it contains major and important changes.

So, what do you think? Would you like that? Vania said I should, already. But I want some other general feedback as well (not that I don’t appreciate you, Vania, but…)

De Fluffe, Out.