I Still Feel Your Breath On Me

[Haunting – Anberlin]

Today I went to an all-you-can-eat chicken wing dinner with Serena, Amelia and Linda at Crazy Wings Glen Waverley. If you do not want to read about how I gorged myself on grilled chicken, then you are welcome to exercise Ctrl+W.

We we originally supposed to go two Mondays ago (or was it last Monday? I’ve lost track of time) but Serena forgot to book. It was probably for the best, because today is one of the days during their mid-sem break, so we could eat and stay out late and it wouldn’t matter.

Let’s back things up a bit, though. First, I had work today, and afterwards I took the bus to Amelia’s house. Meg, who hadn’t seen me for almost 2 months, got really excited and farted on my lap. By the way, Meg is Amelia’s Maltese-Shitzu. Here’s a photo of her:

(Note: I’m not a photoblogger, so the photos are neither well composed, well cropped, nor would my blog theme complement it.)

MEG1She’s rather dumb but pliable, and as long as she loves you, she’ll let you do anything.

ANYWAY, I saw Meg again for the first time in two months, and she farted on my lap. I had to actually check my lap because it felt so warm and smelled so ripe, just in case it was actually poo and not a fart. It was a fart, but I wasn’t any happier.

After being in her house for a total for 20 minutes of a long overdue cuddle (and nothing more), we had to head out again to make our reservation at Crazy Wing, which was where I had come from in the first place not one hour earlier. We picked up Serena along the way, and took a bus back, and the entire trip had us sit in starving silence. Linda joined us outside the restaurant, and after some debate, we went in to start eating.

Long story short, the four of us wolfed down between us perhaps 60 chicken wings, which placed us as having eaten the amount that we paid and then some. Here is a photo of the first round which we ate, before and after.

Afterwards, we went for some ice cream, and sat inside the cinemas while eating it. Serena refused, absolutely refused, to let me have the bottom end of her cone.

After that, I went home, where I ate some fruit salad out of guilt. Currently I’m sitting in front of my computer with a stomach ready for hibernation. My mouth feels tacky and dry from all the grease and the beer which came as part of the all-you-can-eat deal, but if I drank any water I think I might slosh away down the heating vents.


P.S. Comment below if you want to see/read more about Meg. I absolutely adore her and I love to talk about her, and both Amelia and I obsessively take photos of her, so I have plenty to share.



Meet me in Kentucky Field

[The Ruse and the Caper – Coyote Theory]

So, continuing my tradition of writing about things a week later…

Last Thursday, I went to Mela’s place to hang out as usual before her work. The original plan was to go to Knox but I felt really lazy so I begged to just stay home and order a pizza, and watch FMA. Everything was fine, we ordered the pizzas and were waiting for it to be delivered, when we noticed Meg missing. She came plodding back with a small golden thing in her mouth. Naturally, I went to see what it was.

To my terror, I realized it was a piece of chocolate. I quickly snatched it from Meg, but found no tooth marks. We gave Meg a stern telling off, and went to find where she’d gotten it.

We went to Mela’s brother’s old room, him having just moved out and the room being just a place to put things, and found some bits of foil with bits of loose chocolate. Our worst fears flared: Meg already ate some chocolate before we caught her.

In a panic, Mela tried to make her throw up, but dogs didn’t really have a gag reflex. We called up her brother but he couldn’t drive us to the vet, so we thought we’d wait a bit to see what Meg is like.

We ate the pizza, and saw if Meg acted differently. She sort of wiggled about but it wasn’t unusual. Once she hobbled off into the next room, and Mela thought she was crawling off to die. So we called up the vet, and had a family friend of Mela’s take us to the nearest vet. There, they gave Meg an injection to make her throw up, and it took a while, so Mela and I went to her friend Andrew’s house, where Eileen, who has a car, could drive us back.

We watched some weird funny show from Japan, then got Eileen to drive us back to the vet and back to Mela’s. On the way back, a very subdued Meg stuck her furry head out the window and let the breeze fly through her locks, and seemed to have gained her spirits. Unfortunately for her, Mela had to go back to work, so we left a whimpering puppy in the study.

But it was pretty scary when we found the chocolate, even though in the end Meg barely ate any. I almost feel like she’s a little bit my puppy too.


Subject selections

Well, I’ve left it until the last minute only to realize that there isn’t a choice in the online selection for Chinese outside of school, so, I’ve left it blank and will go to Miss D- tomorrow, after about a day of running around worried.

I’m so glad I don’t have to do Japanese anymore.

I remember writing this blog in my old blog Jalix about how shitty it was that I had to be separated from my friends because of blocking. Because for two years I’ve had nearly every class with them and suddenly I won’t really see any of them in class. I didn’t think back then that we’d still hang out. I thought that classes were the things that held us together. Well okay it kind of was. I mean this year the group dynamics changed a lot, not just for my group but for others too. I haven’t really noticed enough to make an overall comment, but groups have enlarged and split, and changed too. Sa- never hangs out with  us anymore because of her musical commitments but we’ve more or less adopted Bel- and Son-. At the start of the year we lost Julia for awhile to Sha- but she came back :).

But the reason I brought this up is because graduation is going to be a LOT more different. I mean, I might be wrong, we might all go to the same Uni more or less, but see we’ll definitely be doing different courses and at different times…unlike high school, our timetables will become flexible. So…what’s going to happen then? Would I have to make some friends who take my course, and then gradually stop contacting my current ones because…out of sight out of mind? I don’t think so. Too bad guys. I’m fighting for ya.

Bel- wants to start a band. I can’t say I am utterly excited but…I might be wrong. It might be fun. We might be mediocre. I learnt “A Lonely September” yesterday, all of it. My internet is a bit slow today so I can’t link you to the video clip but it’s a nice song and when I get the chance I’ll link you.

Oh I think I may have gotten myself more readers. Although I hope they will become commentors too. So, Car-, and when they do come on, Bee and Eu-, do comment!

Final thing. I said in a previous entry that Car- named a puppy we saw Megan. I was wrong. Apparently she didn’t. Neither of us remember what she actually named her (if she named her at all) but I apologize for “fabricating things”.

But don’t you think that Kenny is a good name for a little hairy puppy?

De Fluffe, Out.