What the hell is call ID?

[What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182]

Today was a long day for me. I woke up at 6:30 to make it to a 9 am lecture, which was apparently rather good, because it was the topic for which I have an assessed presentation.

Coffee’d this bitch up, and added fuel to the fire with Dr Pepper. So, by the time that Annie, Jen and I went around the city for me to buy a sweater, I was pretty much at a point of utterly testing their patience with me.

In the end, I couldn’t find the sweater I had in mind, so I shivered through the afternoon breeze. Jen took us to get frozen yogurt at QV, and OH MY GOD I DISCOVERED THE MAGIC OF REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! AND FROZEN YOGURT! 11 dollars REALLY well spent. Not that eating frozen yogurt helped with how cold I felt at all. So, with sugar, caffeine and a good amount of pre-hypothermia running through my body, I jittered my way through Big W while the other two looked at cook-books and shoes.

Unfortunately, Jen had to leave just before Annie and I met up with April. April was wearing her brother’s shirt – it was good to see that despite all the changes that April has gone through, some things stay the same, like her stealing her (gay) brother’s wardrobe. I don’t know how to comment on that.

Had a big of a laugh over drunken antics by both Annie and myself over the past month or two (both stories I have neglected to write here, nor will I write in the future, for one is of extreme embarrassment to Annie, and the other to me). We promised to one day soon go drinking together so that April can see Drunk Alex. I don’t know, I still don’t feel like drinking all that much.

Went to the Seoul House for Henry’s birthday dinner (Henry, to catch y’all up, is a friend of Brendan and Min-‘s (Min- being Brendan’s most recent ex. Yes tres awkward) who took turns taking care of me with Brendan when Drunk Alex came out to play). Apart from Brendan and Jun (his current girlfriend), I knew no one there, so it was interesting to make conversation with very outgoing loud people who I may never see again.

We were very rowdy and loud and, well, the waiters and managers got VERY annoyed at us in the polite, passive Korean way. One of them we called Bitch Fayth – having similar appearance to a friend called Fayth, but looking like a total bitch. Ah the maturity.

Also realized that while alcohol may help ease social gatherings of strangers, it really matters if the personalities get along. You may take that however you wish.

Called/messaged Cindy on the way home. It was a packed train from people coming home from the footy. Utilized my phone’s battery up to the last 10%. I was rather touched when Cindy told me to conserve my battery but say something once in a while so she knows I was still alive.

That’s it for today, I think, even though it was a really long day, it was one of those not-that-many-new-experiences-just-the-same-stuff-with-different-faces kind of deal.

I will endeavor to catch y’all up with some new people I met recently in parenthesis in my immediate future posts.


Cucumbers And Tomatoes

Or tomatoes, however you say it.

Thanks to April, last night I went out for the first time in weeks. I went to the city in my nice blazer, with my hoodie in my bag in case it gets cold. My blazer has many buttons because of a certain feature, and so when I got on the train, a lady going to the footy smiled and said to me, “if I ever need buttons, I’ll come to you.”

On the tram from Flinders Station to QV, I had many many people stare at me. I later said to April, “either I’m ri-DI-kulusly good-looking (said in the same way as Zoolander), or each and every one of them was trying to figure out if I am a girl or a guy.” April agreed it was probably the latter. I mentioned that it happens every morning on the tram, too, to the point where I get paranoid and start sneakily wiping my face to check if there’s anything on it.

We sat on the fake grass area of QV, April, Si, Simon’s 2nd April (i.e. his newly bought PS3) and I. It got very very windy and cold, so I went for that cool hipster look where you wear a hoodie inside a blazer, and passersby think “woah, bro, that’s a sharp shoulder line because of the blazer, but a nice and cushy neck-line because of the hoodie. Righteous!”

A small girl began running circles around us, airplane style, so I screamed “WHEEEEEEEEE” which scared her off.

Soph, April’s little sister, showed up and we went to meet April’s childhood friend Tom on Swanston St. Tom is in the army, and has finally started having weekends off. He is training to drive tanks – the ones with 8-wheels and they’re fast so they’re not very good under fire but they’re FAST – and to handle weaponry, obviously. He has many stories of rough training sessions and wilderness camps.

Tom hasn’t been in the city very often, and if he was honest, he’d never had Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant before. So April decided Chinatown would be a good idea, until I reminded her that there is a chance Tom a) might not like the food and b) can’t use chopsticks (when I mentioned this, Tom sort of said, “chopsticks?”).

In the end we decided to hell with that, and went to Lygon St for Italian. Ironically, we met up with one of Soph’s friends called Pasta (nickname, obviously). We were waiting for Pasta next to an Asian busker playing Guang Liang songs on his keyboard.

Walked to Lygon St via Russel St, and it took a lot less time than I thought it would. We ended up going to/being pulled into this small restaurant near Grattan St. The manager who pulled us in was very friendly and incredibly heavily-accented. Fresh home-made pasta, she boasted. Better than the restaurant next door. Simon found an online review of the place, and the review mentioned that the manager would persuade and repeat about the freshness of their pasta. We supposed that we’ve just been had by a nightly routine.

Tom was served Coronas with a wedge of lemon inside the neck of the bottle. He says it tastes interesting, so I think I will try that next time.

After a while, Soph’s boyfriend Erh- arrived (now, I am more than certain I mentioned Erh-. In the post about Hamwu’s birthday last April, when I talked about a guy who walked around in a Scream mask scaring and shadowing everyone, that guy was Erh-) with his friend Anvo. I can’t remember Anvo’s name properly so I will say Anvo but it probably isn’t Anvo. Anvo and Erh- are Turkish and Pasta is Iranian. I have not really hung out with non-Asian guys much so yesterday was an eye-opener, in a good way.

Anvo was a fun character, he would be talking to me one moment, and a girl would walk past and I would just have to wait a few minutes for him to turn back around to me. The dinner table conversation got a bit MA rated when they started evaluating April’s true vegetarianism, seeing as she’s dating Si and everything. (Go on, draw the dirtiest conclusions from that.)

Erh- asked April if there is a vegetarian way of eating meat. April replied, “lick it.”


Soph said, “well, what about cucumbers and tomatoes?”


Erh-: “Cucumbers never go soft though.”

Soph: “What about when they get old?”

Laughter. A passing waiter gave us the eye.

Then, the conversation moved onto whether there is a Halal way of eating meat (still thinking dirty here, folks). Then ensued a demonstration of praying before “killing”, and at that point Tom was looking horrified, I was looking confused (being at the far end of the table, I get parts of the jokes only) and Si was just laughing.

After the meal, we said bye to Erh- and Anvo, and then bye to Soph, Pasta and Tom at Melb Central. Took the train home without too much problem, despite there being a slightly strange girl trying to play some sort of hand game with herself loudly.

I apologize if any readers were offended by what I wrote. I don’t think it’s excuse enough to say “but the jokes were made by people of the religion” but there it is…


It’s April’s Day, Fools

First and foremost, happy birthday April!

So to start my day from the start.

I went to sleep at just past midnight, so I texted April happy birthday while I was awake. Then, at around half past 1 when I’ve more or less drifted off to sleep, CJ called me. I think I said something along the lines of, “Oh I didn’t realize I gave you your own ringtone.” (I didn’t, I just didn’t recognise The Getaway Plan in my half asleep state). She asked, “Oh wow did I just wake you up? Did you fall asleep already?” I croaked, “Yes?” And she said, “Awww”. Then, as my house’s reception always fails me, she cut out. Sorry about that.

After that I couldn’t sleep for ages, and I thought about calling her back but it would’ve just cut out again.

Got up and had an early shower, and realized that I would miss Phineas and Ferb. Took the train to the city by myself and half fell asleep and of course, my head jerked. Felt like an idiot.

I was about 10 minutes early so I waited for a bit and April showed up, followed closely by Dani and Andrew (from this point on referred to as Wutinie unless on an individual basis). I didn’t know Dani was coming so I asked, “What are you doing here?” She said, “What do you mean what am I doing here what do you think I’m doing here?” Then I realized she was there for April’s thing.

Few moments later, Jen arrived, and we waited for a few more minutes thinking some more people were coming. Called Vania. She wasn’t. So. We went and walked to QV to have an early lunch.

I told them the joke about, if you were named Dwayne, you wouldn’t want to have the last name Pipe. Andrew ordered an ice coffee with whipped cream and licked up all the whipped cream, and decided he didn’t want the coffee. I asked him why he didn’t just order a glass of whipped cream. It got us onto the topic of how on American sitcoms whenever someone had a bad breakup they’d start crying and eating whipped cream straight from the can. Anyway, a while later, Andrew was talking about, yet again, the size of Carmaine’s eyes. He asked me, “What I don’t get is, I’m saying her eyes are so small but whenever she takes pictures she always opens her eyes really wide like this:” And he did the O.O face. I asked him what was wrong with that? He said he didn’t know, just wondered why she did it. So I decided to pass it along. Then I remembered Carmaine isn’t going to be here for a week. So I put it up here.

As we were eating, I shared my dish with Wutinie, and Andrew was trying to eat a piece of chicken whole, and kind of mumbled something along the lines of, “Dammit I have a huge bone in my mouth and it won’t come out!” I sniggered, “That’s what she said.” And unfortunately it took Wutinie a few shameful seconds to figure it out. Then again, it took April ’til about the end of lunch to start laughing.

April and I ate a piece of lemon that was in my very sweet drink, so the lemon wasn’t too bad but I puckered anyway. Weeeak I know. After lunch we went to Dani’s apartment, and Lysh was there. We played Guitar Hero for a bit and then, since on the tram we were discussing Emily Rose, we watched a few videos on the exorcisms and true stories behind that movie. April got rather freaked out by Jennifer Carpenter’s voice when she was being exorcised (as was Bee ages ago) and her reactions reminded me of how funny watching Disturbia was with her. I mean, imagine someone who flinched and gasped at every moment that there was a sudden movement. Yeah, her.

Jen played with Lysh for a long time, and we watched as Lysh drew April’s face, complete with 2 moustaches, 2 dots for ears, a buzz cut, and 3 eyebrows, and a hole for a nose. Oh and a line joining the two eyes for glasses. Then the three of us – Jen, Lysh and I, that is – sang a few nursery rhymes “Jingle bell, jingle bell, joonda ah dah way!” And Lysh called me “Wee-wee”.

April left, then we left as well and it was rather difficult to leave Lysh behind because she wouldn’t let Dani go, so Dani hid in the toilet until Lysh thought she’d left, and then we covered while Dani snuck out of the apartment. You could hear Lysh crying “mommy” 2 floors down.

We went to South Melb Market, and Wutinie went into a pet store to get stuff for Slash and Kane. Outside the pet store were a basket of things labeled “Pig Ears $1.60” and I picked one up thinking it was one of those plastic toys for dogs to chew on. Then I took a closer look, and asked out loud to Jen, “Jen, are these real?” Then, as the truth dawned on me, I asked again, “Jen…Jen I think these are real pig ears, are they?” And well yeah, they were real dried pig ears, for dogs to chew on probably…but they were real. That wasn’t a nice moment. Holding a mummified pig ear in your hand.

Said bye to Wutinie, and took the tram back into the CBD. Took the train home by myself – stupid sun. I moved to get out of it and it freaking changed sides and shone on me again – and then was told to bus and walk home. I missed the bus by about 6 minutes, and the next bus was in an hour. So I took another bus which was a longer walk, and was quite cold because I wore a short sleeve and the wind had picked up. Parents were worried when I got home because it was late. Well, it’s a Saturday and busses aren’t frequent. So, don’t blame me.

Mom finally got a mobile. Have to help her set it up and…well teach her everything about it (it was my old one so I guess that helps). But the point is, she finally bloody got one.

I’ll be resting tomorrow, maybe touch some Maths, and then Monday I’m off to SALE! SALE! Not a bargain Sale. The place, Sale.

I hope it was an okay birthday celebration for April. I wish more people came, it was the same last year that no one came. I haven’t gotten her a gift yet so I’m still thinking, but I think I managed to whinge her into going to Sale with us. Happy birthday, again, April!

De Fluffe, Out.