Faking My Own Suicide

I’m faking my own suicide.
Because I know you love me,
You just haven’t realized.

Faking My Own Suicide – Relient K

I dressed up as a ninja today, and it was heaps fun. April had this little scary (blunt) dagger and I had the nunchucks borrowed off Dom (which, by the way, were so much fun to just hold ‘cos people kept on wanting it haha). I went up to the stage when it was Oreads’ turn to parade, and I did the HYAH! thing all ninjas do. It was heaps fun. Heaps. Fun. Oreads had so many awesome costumes, but I think I might have to admit Gen and Pras-‘s hakka was the BEST! And they won it fair and square too.

As to the song, it was just stuck in my head today. Nothing meaningful.

Mai (aha, here’s the mention) dressed up in traditional Vietnamese costume and it was really really yellow. Julia Yr 11 dressed in a Korean costume and that was so bloody cool except she had trouble climbing up onto the stage because of it.

No more dressing up for Multicultural Week anymore. I saw Ca- today at Glen Waverley station. She graduated last year and when I told her that today was the parade, she “aww”ed nostalgically. She’s doing med at Monash. Figures.


And know that…

What happened to us?
I heard that it’s me we should blame.
What happened to us?
Why didn’t you stop me from turning out this way?
And know that I don’t hate you.
And know that I don’t want to fight you.
And know I’ll always love you.
But right now I just don’t…

Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet? – Relient K

I know I’ve used the same song about a week ago but it’s a damned good song with good applicable lyrics.

I do love you, I always will. I have no idea how to be angry at you because I simply love you again. But I do have things to tell you.



I think you know what I’m getting at,
I find it so upsetting that,
The memories that you select,
You keep the bad but the good you just forget.

Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet? – Relient K

I think that everyone tends to look back on things and remember the bad bits, and not quite remember the good bits, unless they were REALLY good. And even then the good memories are sometimes outweighed by the bad. For example, Year 9 camp was heaps fun, met a lot of people…FELL OFF BIKE. So was Monash Camp, learned a lot about friends and had fun away from home…ROOM WAS TOO HOT, BED WAS TOO SOFT. And so it goes on.

Anyway, just then I had my Canadian friend Simon link me to a video he made. Y’all know about “misheard lyrics” where people get a song with slightly hard to understand pronunciated lyrics, and put funny fake ones to it? Also, you all know about the Numa Numa guy? Danced to that song Dragostea Din Tei (Rhianna used the “Maya Hee Maya Hoo Maya Ha Maya Ha-ha” part in a song, I think). Anyway, Simon did Misheard Lyrics to that song. Here it is.

Keep Cool (and remember the good times)