Happy One Year, Alex!

Today’s officially the 1 year mark since I started blogging seriously.

I’ve come a long way since I started, August 18th 2008. Hey, that wasn’t a bad date to start blogging, considering the number of 8s in there.

I’ve been through a lot since then, but most importantly, you’ve been with me through it all. You, my dear readers. Whether you are new or you’ve been with me since the genesis of my blog, I thank you. It is with your encouragement, your comments, and your continuing contribution to the now very healthy blog hits counter that made me continue with the gusto that I have now.

Many things have happened in the year past. I’ve been through dry spells, I’ve been through the George Clooney rush (which, to date, still remains my day of highest traffic). I’ve been through a month’s silence, and I’ve been through an engagement.  I’ve been through music videos, I’ve been through music lyrics, I’ve been through my own lyrics and I’ve been through James Blunt’s lyrics (for that post about Romeo and Juliet).

I’ve met people through the blog (shout out to Sneaks) and I’ve made new friends through this blog (shout out to CJ). I’ve gone to Sale on this blog, and I’ve gone to places inside my head I don’t usually go with this blog. I’ve recorded some memories that I treasure, and I’ve recorded happenings that saddens me.

I’ve been through 3 themes, 4 header images, various changes to appearances and links and I think about 3 – 4 different ways of signing out.

And I look forward to more. I look forward to next year, and the year after that, and the events that I will record on this blog.

Thank you for being with me.


P.S. I actually wrote this 3 days early and am going to set it to post at midnight on 18th of August. Here’s hoping it worked!