Earning Skillz

Whenever I start a new thing, and I realize I suck at it, I try to tell myself that I’ll get better at it soon, I just have to keep at it now and my muscles will get better at it.

For example, when I first started work, I sucked at the till, but today, apart from some wrong change given, some refunds and some bad orders on my behalf, I managed to hold down my till for 4 hours during lunch rush, so I figure I’m doing pretty well for my first proper shift.

What I’m worried about is running, or gathering the order, putting it together and giving it to the customer. I tried doing that on Friday night and oh it’s shameful to admit how many minutes some of my orders were running on, and how bad I did all of them. I really want to get more experience doing the running during off-peak times, so I can get better, but at the moment I’m put on the till.

When I first started learning how to ride the bike, it took me ages to get it, but once I did I became pretty good (except for when I fell off my bike in Yr 9, but hey, so not my point), and when I first started a lot of video games, I was horrible but then it’s like a light finally came on and I was playing like any other regular.

That’s why I just want to get some training in coffee making or anything else, because I know that I learn and pick up skills quick, but no one wants to hire someone with no experience. Can’t they see that it won’t take me long to become a favorite?

Ok now I’m just tooting my own horn.

Depending on how much there is to say about work, I may not actually create a separate category and just put it under stuff-that-happened.


P.S., I was going to write about the Japanese earthquake too but my mentality for that is roughly the same as for the Christchurch one. The sheer monstrosity of the disaster is actually making me rethink the validity of 2012.

Wishing, Wanting, Yours For The Taking

[Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings]

So I just saw an ad on TV for Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo and I have to clarify that, as negative as the following post might sound, I do have the utmost respect for her.

BUT DUDE! She went to school with me – she’s younger than me! And she’s already published a successful trilogy, and working on her second trilogy. She has her own Wikipedia entry – which to me at the moment is the epitome of success… – and she was in the newspaper quite a lot.

Am I jealous? Yes, yes I very much am. The ability to say “I got published when I was young” got taken by someone else – the attempts I’ve made in creative writing competitions had failed – so what have I to boast now?

Ah this is petty. She worked hard to get herself published, not to mention that she has intrinsic skills. I’ve read excerpts from her first trilogy; the writing style isn’t my cup of tea, but the fact that she has a distinctive writing style and that her stories capture publishers’ interest, it is really a commendation to her skills.

I think I’ll calm down now, and go about my life as I have done before. Things like these give me a boost in my sudden need to mark my name in the world, but they’re short lived nitro boosts. I need to work on upgrading my cart so that it maintains a strong acceleration and speed.

Ha, who knows, I might write the next “Harry Potter”. If only my imagination can be so epic…and that I can be bothered to research as deeply has Rowling had.