Smack…?! NO!

I promise! The first part will sound a bit boring but it gets to the funny punchline.

Today, in Legal, we were learning about civil cases and the process and all that, and so we went onto the topic of negligence. Mr Sho- was saying about how there are some parents who aren’t the best of parents, and are negligent of their children, or just not taking care of them properly. He told us about a toddler who was screeching at the supermarket one day, and the mom seemed not to care.

Marit- said, “A firm backhand would do the trick.” We all sort of laughed because…well smacking children seems a slightly old-fashioned thing now.

I then turned to ask Jen if she was smacked when she was little, to which the answer was “yes” (which is my answer too). Julia responded with a “no”, but we figured it is because she’s the 2nd child (and she confirmed this because her brother did get smacked).

Then I turned to ask Nik if she got smacked when she was little. We were in the front row so I had to say it quietly or else Mr Sho- would pick on me again, which probably contributed to the result that, when everyone grew quiet, Nik asked loudly:

“What? Why would I want to smack you?”