Won’t Stop Until I Find A Cure

[In The Shadows – The Rasmus]

Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression

Dear Leech (others will know who I’m referring to),

When I first met you I thought you were a douchebag who is self-loving, who has no idea that others around you don’t like you, and who foolishly and firmly believe that everything you say is witty and cool.

I wasn’t proven wrong.

In this case, judging the book by its cover was the right thing to do, because there wasn’t actually a book anyway.

Call me a bitch, everyone, I don’t care. I never liked you. I don’t like you. Frankly I don’t actually give a crap about where you are or your troubles at the moment, and don’t think that you are always on my thoughts because you’re not, I just remembered you because I had to write this letter.