Today the Adelaide exchange started. The Adelaide exchange is where Adelaide High comes over and we compete with them in a range of competitions and in the end the winner (which WILL BE US) gets the Prefects’ Cup.

At the assembly, we also welcomed the Japanese exchange (which is basically just a normal exchange). Yokohoma sensei, the teacher who came with the students, made a very funny speech. In it he said, “Usually I ask everyone to say ‘hello’ or ‘konnichi wa’ but now (because Melbourne and Kobe are the swine flu capitals of their respective countries) I greet people with ‘please wash your hands’.”

At lunchtime, I screamed myself hoarse for the MacRob team in volleyball. We chanted, we ranted, and we screamed in frustration when we lost points. We ooh’d and aah’d when a good serve was made, and WOAH’d when the saves were by the skin of their teeth. This was the first time I’ve seen Carmaine play her sport, and I was deeply impressed.

Also, the midyear exam results came back today. That’s basically all I can say about it.

I had a nice Period 5 with Vania, just chatting and being retards. Bluetoothing messages to each other. And trying to stalk other people with their bluetooth on.

So, come on come on MACROB!


Quick Update

Well, I realize that I have not updated in a long long (and what seems like a record amount of) time. It is marked by how many white numbers there are in the calendar on my site.

The reason for that was predominantly because I didn’t have much to blog about, and then at some point my net capped and it became frustrating to try to blog.

So, I will quickly catch up on what’s been happening in the past week.

Firstly, on Thursday it was the Athletics. It was, actually, my final school-organized sporting event, ever. And, I didn’t go. There were a few reasons, one of which being my laziness and want to sleep in. Oreads won (as I was informed by Vania later that day).

I had the Chinese, English and Eng Lang SAC I was talking about a week ago. They all went alright, even though in Eng Lang the topic was not what we expected, in English I may have gone off topic, and the Chinese listening SAC was the same as the previous year’s practise exam.

Net uncaps today but I haven’t been home…(well I have, but this morning doesn’t count) I will properly write up some notes of interest tonight, most likely. Dom has started a blog (well I don’t know, Dom, have you managed to set it up?) so I shall put that up on my blogroll for you to enjoy (provided he gives me permission to). I think there were a few errands I have to run on Facebook as well – mostly people buying my pets off me and stuff I haven’t replied to.

Madd- was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, apparently, and will be away for the rest of the term. So all our Eng Lang classes have now been turned into study session (er, frees). I hope she gets better soon, for her benefit as well as our’s.

Take care, and I’ll hope to see you tonight.