Last day!

Ergh I’ve been slacking off…

Well alright to catchup:

Yesterday was the last official day for Yr 11’s and we had a day of activities. Last year it was a really warm day when we did it (it was also a whole month later) so this year we froze our butts off and also had a rather gloomy morning and I was worried, afraid, half expecting this year to be crapper than last year. Plus we had a bunch of…”stalls” which I thought was rather lame. Until it happened.

I guess the entire year level had a sort of “we should just go nuts” idea and everyone was running around going to all the stalls. My class had the face painting and we (my group, so, if I remember correctly, Julia, Vania, April, Tif- Sonam and I) took the second shift to draw crap on people’s faces. In my 20 minute shift (which stretched to over 30 mins due to popular demand. Har.) I drew countless love hearts on faces, wrote countless initial + inital ’08 on legs (awkward position, let me tell you now), and had about 2 people yell at me for SLIGHTLY fucking up. Oh and I’ve had a compliment on my singing whiile I was drawing. Thank yee.

I loved 11J’s stall a lot. Donut on a string. What more embarrassment could there be?

Oh, since that was actually the first picture of a person I posted on here, I think I should specify that’s not me. I’ll say when it’s me.

Our class’s theme was fairies and elves. I didn’t either. I showed up late. So in the end I’m not in the class photo. Which is a pity.

11A had Cops and Robbers. Carmaine was a robber. Eunice was a cop. So was Dani and D.P. There were some good photos that came out of that.

Ah, the oppression of being a kid. I have a chore i have to do soon. I will cut off this here, and finish off my blog later, as a Part 2.

De Fluffe, Out