I Can See Your Halo, And Don’t It Feel Good?

[Halo/Walking On Sunshine – Glee Cast cover, originals by Beyonce/Katrina And The Waves]

Day 23 — The last person you kissed

Dear Doggie,

Doggie is the original name I gave to the plushie dog I used to sleep with when I was little. It got me through some tough puberty years, as well as some not so tough primary school years.

I think it’s okay not to mention what sort of emotional ties I have with the plushie that used to guard me at night; I think most people reading this will remember the special relationship they had with their favorite childhood teddy. It’s not just something to hug at night, but rather it’s the symbol of safety and protection. Just the familiar touch and smell of your favorite old teddy will remind you of those days when you felt safe, and when your biggest worry were pimples.

Anyway, I do love Doggie (its new name is Jackie for a number of hilarious reasons but I felt that if I wrote ‘Dear Jackie’, it might be confusing) and I ask of you to, if you can still find it, give your old teddy a hug too. Remember Toy Story 3? Just saying.