I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In This Place

[But It’s Better If You Do – Panic! At The Disco]

Tonight, while texting Katherine, this conversation happened:

(Right after me mentioning Paranormal Activities and horror films etc)

Katherine: “Have you seen that old Dulux ad where the ghost ran into the wall but couldn’t go through it?”

Me: “Yeah that ad made me lol and I bet it stopped you from sleeping for several nights.”

Katherine: “Omg. How did you know?! I asked my dad if my walls were painted with Dulux and then it’d get me thinking, ‘what if a ghost got stuck in my room?!’ I hated that ad.”

Seeing as she wants to redecorate her room, I was thinking I’d help paint her walls in Dulux, then one day ask her sister for a huge favor, and wake Katherine up in the middle of the night dressed up as a ghost, and running around the room bumping into walls and unable to get out.

Hmm, ideas.