The Place I Came To Love Is Missing Too

[When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne]

Today I learned that my manager at the cafe is transferring to another store, and I just wanted to write something about her, even though I highly doubt she knows about this blog.

I’m not posting this until Sunday night, since that’s the last time I’ll see her (unless I can visit her at her store some time), and since that’s when she’ll be announcing it officially. This way I don’t get into trouble.

Anyway, Jess has been an amazing manager, and I say this with no exaggeration nor condition. She’s a fun, understanding, but disciplined boss, who takes the time to understand how each of her underlings work and learn, and to craft tasks which would ensure everyone plays to their strength. She always believed in me, even when I was starting out and feeling like I was letting the team down on busy days, and never ever showed annoyance when I asked my many, many questions. She was patient when we made silly mistakes, and she couldn’t find fault in anyone – what else could you ask in a manager! I think the only way I could ever have a nicer manager is if they gave me free money.

I think it’s a real remark on her, when the entire store’s ambiance and morale revolves around her. And I mean that also when she’s not in the store, and we’re being run by supervisors, because the supervisors also seemed to give off her vibe. We all get along with each other because she’s created such a friendly work environment (or, at least, she was a part of a friendly work environment when she began working there, and then carried it over when she began managing), where no one feels like they’re not allowed to say what they want. She genuinely cared about the wellbeing of each and every one of her staff members, not on an official level, but at a personal level. I suppose those more skilled may see it as a weak point, because management requires certain ambivalence towards the personal lives of their subordinates, but on our level, it made working a joy.

And, as a person, I think she’s charming too. It’s easy to talk to her because she’s always smiling, and she’s always willing to hear about new things. Because of that, she’s on good terms with many of our regulars – I wonder what they’ll feel when they learn that she’s left!

So, Jess, in case you happen to read this: THANK YOU! Thank you for being one of the best managers I’ve ever had and probably ever will have, and thank you for being my friend at work. I hope I have been equally good company, and I wish you the best at the new store and with all your future plans with Cody (I actually know his name now, and just say it wrong to annoy you). Don’t work too hard, but I know you would anyway.


P.S. I’m mostly writing the same things in your card so. Double up.


In my head

Quite a lot of people asked and got worried about the previous password protected post, and I was very touched at how many people were worried that something might be wrong – because, you know, I spill my guts about everything.

I’m quite alright, it was just a piece that I had get off my chest but not something I wanted to publicize. Thank you for your concern.



That was just a way to title the damn thing.

I took off Theresa and Sonam because Sonam says she probably won’t write in her blog, and Theresa didn’t ever.

I actually had that conversation today with Va- about what I wrote last night, about how I will talk about not needing a real conversation etc, and we laughed when we realized I had anticipated most of the conversation.

I had a really fun conversation with An- today in VisCom in Chinese, and it was quite a personal and secret thing and it occurred us that Vi- speaks Chinese so I had to ask her if she knew what we were talking about. I’m on purposely not saying what we talked about because it will remain secret. It was quite funny though. Awkward at moments.

Car- made a blog. It is at “Arrow In Your Throat” under my blogroll. I guess it means I can refer to her by her full name.

Okay, I am going to make a dedication to someone:

Thank you for being there today. Even though I pushed you away, you kept being there, and being very subtle about it too! Thank you for your awesome hugs and your genuine love. I didn’t talk to you but I know if and when I do wish you you will be there.

I hope that your problem works out even though I don’t think it will be too big of a problem.

I love you very much. Always WILL! You are the anchor… I am the wings…etc etc hehe

Alright I won’t write too much today. We have ANOTHER SAC starting soon, and this one is more tedious than hard.

I didn’t have the best day today, but it got alright. I owe it to you.

Oh, and Dani and Eunice got new shoes. They’re both heels, far as I can tell. Dani wore hers the moment she got them, and she was going to Mel’s place so she was in casual. And there was a small slope on the front doorstep of DFO and I said to her “I don’t talk to plodders” since she was plodding in her heels, and she had to hurry to catch up with me down the slope. WHAT A SIGHT! It was utterly hilarious.

And Eunice looks good in hers too. The heels gave her legs a very..erm..sensuous curve. Over the line? But seriously. Very very awesome. If you get a blog, post the pictures (as well as your dress) and if you don’t, may I post them?

Tar- wants me to mention him. He is sitting next to me at VET. He helps me a lot. Hi Tar-. Sorry censored your name though.

De Fluffe, Out.