CHRISTMAS! Baby, Please Come Home

[Baby, Please Come Home – Anberlin cover]

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope so far your day has been enjoyable, and I hope that you’ll remember it later on…

Anyway, I finally convinced my dad to take me driving today – he’s the guy who can’t drive but has a full license, so really all his license is good for is to take me driving – and despite him being paranoid I’ll hit every car parked on the kerb, it was actually pretty decent. MAYBE, for perhaps the 5th time I’ve said this, I CAN FINALLY GET ON A ROLL AND GET MY LICENSE BEFORE I’M 20 HAHA who am I kidding… at least I’m close to 17 hours now…

As I was driving, my phone started buzzing in my pocket – I think I should change one of my profile settings to Driving or something, and take off the vibrations (Silent has vibrations on so that if there is an emergency text/call at night, the vibrations can wake me up but not my parents – and dammit I do totally get emergency texts sometimes, but most of the time I just get woken up by Village Cinemas emailing me something at 3 am). I was wondering who would call me – twice – and I found the answer when I got home. Mom immediately told me that Dani had called – I guess this time around she remembered to identify herself before launching into a tirade like she did last time.

Turns out Dani – who FINALLY made it back to Melbourne – is asking me if I was interested in going to the Great Ocean Road with her some time this week (this isn’t for sure yet but I had to write about something). Considering that the last time I went to the Great Ocean Road, I was in Grade 4 and still had a massive carsickness problem, I said yes (hopefully my carsickness is better now. I do plan to be empty stomach’d most of the time though ha). Also I felt really warm and important that Dani asked me first. Being the favored “son” has its advantages.

Also, Lyshana. Dani put her on the phone (I doubt she still remembers me even though I was the cool 1-2-3-4-HEADBANG big sister), and Lysh was screaming “HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO” and then I heard Beep-beep-beep. Dani came back a second later and said “She put you on hold.” We agreed she’d make one hell of a receptionist one day. HELLO-HELLO-HELLO-hold.

I timed my driving very carefully – I had to be home on time to watch Eloise at Christmastime which will be on soon – that movie MAY have been the tipping point for me to want to spend Christmas in New York. Home Alone 2 was the movie that started the dream.

Anyway, quite a few interesting Christmas movies on today/tonight (The Grinch is on now, actually, but Eloise takes precedence) so I think I can even give Smallville a rest. Last week, Josh started a conversation with me on MSN asking me what my plans were for that day. I replied, “I’m going through Tumblr now, and after I’m done I’m going to watch Smallville.”

A few days later, as a matter of course, he asked me the same question. I started writing, “Tumblr now and then after that…” and realized that the feeling of deja vu was actually the ugly face of uneventful routine.

And now I feel like ice-cream. Triple choc ahoy!

Merry Christmas, again! I may not be religious but I still think this is a time of the year to be happy, generous, and try to see the good in everything.


Christmas 2008

I’ve taken a leaf out of Vania’s book – at the rate I’m going, I don’t think Vania will have a book left – and am writing my blog to type up later.

So let me tell you about my Christmas, up until right now, which is 2:02 pm.

Yesterday I found that my internet capped, so under excruciatingly slow loading, I wrote my Christmas Eve blog. I stayed online for a while, complimented Jen on her raw sexual appeal – what? You think I’d drop it? – then went offline, upstairs, and started watching Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was…nice. I didn’t much get the fashion parts but to watch near human perfection flaunt across a runway…that was nice. After a while it occured to me that the drawing I was doing at the time became influenced by the show. I flicked to ABC and was delighted and surprised to see the Vicar of Dibley. I guess ABC bought it from Ch 7. Watched it until nearly elevent something. Replenished myself with instant noodles. Then started watching this old movie which was a rather good piece of satire. Eunice’s text message came through, then about 11:40, I decided to call her. We chatted for a while, about her recent camping, snorkelling, what I’ve done, and comparing a certain someone to a lobster. Then, midnight came and I said Merry Christmas to Eunice – because of QLD, they’re 1 hour behind – and then sent a few texts out. Vania congratulated me on my accuracy. Go me.

I went to sleep, and woke up at past 8 by my bladder. Got a few replies, and started cleaning my room because of the aforementioned dad and son coming. I went online, (haven’t updated, of course) and saw no one on. Got a bit lonely, so I checked my blog. Found a complete stranger wishing me a good Christmas, despite. That really made me s mile. So hey, maybe the Christmas spirit is in me.

Or maybe not. The dad and son ended up being nearly an hour late, and I found myself smiling at my dad’s annoyance. I watched A Carol Christmas which was badly scripted, then the son and dad came. Had a late lunch, sipped some wine, then finished watching The Grinch. And so here I am now (thank you April, for a funny reply).

And you know, unless something really awful happens between now and when I type this up, I had a good Christmas.

It is now 6:36 pm, and nothing really awful happened. Yep, my parents more or less left me alone for a solid 3 hours and chatted with the dad. Don’t know what the kid did. This morning mom bashed her foot into something and didn’t realize it until it started bruising later. Now it’s voluptiously bruised and shes got a towel stuffed with ice on it. I made the ice for drinks. I think we should get ice packs. She’s applied some heat bandage onto it now. I never understood ice then heat. But whatever suits her. Bianca hasn’t yet emailed be about tomorrow, so still don’t know if I’m to spend Boxing Day with my parents, and having my mom complain all day about the bruise, or if I will spend it with Bianca. I almost kind of want to stay home alone, but the net capped and well, that’s no fun.

Hey, thanks to GK for her nice comment, seriously. I hope you had an extra good Christmas ‘cos you did a nice thing.

Merry Christmas, to all those who read this. Have lots of fun, but be safe. Don’t turn a night out into a nightmare. The government should pay me for this ha.

De Fluffe, Out.