Do You Dream I Would Be There?

[Through With You – Maroon 5]

Today I went to Steve’s place for a night of gaming. Brought my laptop to ‘lan’ and everything, but in the end everyone just played on the Wii.

When I got there, Swang was the only girl there, so I gave her someone to talk to. After a long while, Mandy arrived. There’s not really a point in recounting gaming except the highlights, like when we were playing that Raving Rabbids game, and in one of them it required some dancing, and Mandy decided to punch me in her enthusiasm to win.

In fact, both Mandy and Swang are very vocal gamers. Very grunty.

Had pizza for dinner, the traditional meal of teenagers. I was holding onto a stack of those plastic plates when Jacky ripped it out of my hands, and cut one of my fingers. YES I SHALL WHINGE ABOUT IT!

Met an incredibly cool girl called Gloria. We got along very well, very fast, because we both picked on Swang and her atrocious skills at Mariokart. It got to the point where Mandy, Gloria and myself would yell at Swang “LEFT, RIGHT, GO STRAIGHT” and the moment we stopped, Swang would crash into a wall.

I have never laughed so hard, I think, as I did today, as we were watching Swang trying to finish a race. In fact, the one race that she not only did not come 12th in, the one that she finished, the one where she actually beat someone else present in the living room, was one worth celebrating.

Anyway, that post was basically there to remind me of the memories of tonight, and not really to entertain you.


P.S., thought for today: it is one of the most irksome feelings when you get home after a huge night out laughing heaps and talking to people and generally trying to impress people, and you realize you had a small piece of noticeable food lodged between your front teeth. I wish someone would just tell me earlier on in the night, instead of me going home feeling like I was pretty awesome and instead find a bit of food stuck in my teeth.

P.P.S., today was actually my 100th Project 365. Pretty awesome huh? I forgot to take a picture with Mandy.

P.P.P.S., speaking of Mandy; while the hoodie she gave me is insanely comfy, it sheds like a dying cat.

With Accentuating Off-White Pinstripes

[There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet – Panic! At The Disco]

Today I went to Mani’s house for lunch. I realized Dad didn’t leave food, and I can’t cook for shit (except eggs, and we were out of that) so I whinged to her online. She actually said yes to me going over for a free lunch.

Her mom picked me up (because, contrary to my beliefs, she actually lived around an hour’s walk away from me) and we started making some pizza! Making pizza from scratch! That was a first for me. Mrs Mani showed me how to make the dough (add some sugar with the yeast, it makes it activate faster haha!) and then we chopped up stuff for the topping. Mani never asked me to check if we had mushrooms so Mrs Mani kept on complaining that there was no mushrooms. (“Even three or four, for the flavor you know?”) Then she decided to experiment and make this Asian Pizza thing, using tuna and soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

While the pizzas were cooking (you know, we forgot to take pictures!) we went to play Wii. Failed epically in the Simpsons game. Ahh embarrassment! Then we had the pizzas, and let me tell you, I’m telling you so you better listen: After home made pizza that you made yourself, you don’t ever want to eat store bought ones ever again. Or maybe Mrs Mani is just really good at making pizza. The Asian fusion turned out really well, because the tuna smelled really good mixed with the sweet chilli sauce. Then Mani taught me how to toast a sandwich without a sandwich toaster. I think I still remember a few steps.

Eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat wiiiiiiiii Guitar Hero on Wii, without the guitar controller was funny and fail.

Then got dropped off home before either parents came home. I feel sneaky.

I wish I took pictures. It was so delicious! Thank you Mani and Mrs Mani!


Dude, She’s Amazing

[That Girl – McFly]

This won’t be a long post. I went out with D.P. today, and then crashed Jen’s house.

D.P. took all my jokes rather well. I was basically making fun of her hair. There was one, which I particularly liked, and it went, “your hair is so big that when the wind blows, you actually slow down because they’re like parachutes.”


Anyway, she went to Sab-‘s place at around 1, so I went to Jen’s (it is so cool to have MSN on my phone, because I hopped on, saw her, asked if I could go over and within 20 minutes I was in Jen’s kitchen). One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Jen’s was because I haven’t seen her in about a week (which is how long I haven’t been out of the house. It’s not a confession I’m proud of. But the week passed quite quickly after Sorrento), and also I know Jen will give me free lunch. I saved about 10 bucks, man!

Jen cooked some pasta, and made chicken soup with chicken meat balls and some beans. It was one of the best soup-things I’ve had in a long long long time. I think it’s because it tastes like good-at-cooking. Jen said it tastes like me. I was worried.

During lunch I was looking around Jen’s living room and I was startled when I thought I saw a goldfish the size of my fist (I know my hands are small but you must appreciate, still, how big the fish would have been). I started saying, “Woah dude you have the biggest goldfish!” when I realized that actually it was a normal sized goldfish, magnified by the water and the glass bowl. MLIA? Yes.

Played Mario Kart forĀ  a while, refreshing my dislike for Wii Mario Kart. I’m too used to the DS, and Wii is too sensitive, even when I picked Bowser for his weight, and used manual drift. Then Ash came over, and I realized it was 3:30, and I should leave. It started pouring but I dealt with it. I let my hair get a bit wet, hoping that maybe I look good with slightly wet hair. I don’t think I did, though.

Thanks, Jen, for letting me randomly drop by. And happy birthday Meghanism!


Happy Birthday Part 2

It was a great day, and you looked stunning! The dress that you made yourself was really good, and the overall day was fantastic. Everyone laughed, and I know that everyone had a good time.

It was sunny, it was cool, there was Wii, there was a mass orgy in your bedroom (haha!), there was great food, we had some good jokes, and you smiled a lot which meant you had FUN! You took lots of pictures, everyone took lots of pictures, I got punched in the face, I got sat on (I didn’t mind, despite my loud protests), and I had a good laugh at everyone’s expense (especially D.P., that girl cracks me up).

So, once again, happy 17th birthday dearest Carmaine! I’m sad to think now that the next time I see you may be the last for this year (because on the 31st clearly you’ll be doing something with your family, and then it’ll be 2009).



10. Viewed

Today was Melbourne Cup Day. It was the “race that stops the nation”. So was F1 Grand Prix. And they’re both in Melbourne. It’s kind of funny that the entire state gets a day off for a bunch of horses, but not cars. Well, my school does for both, but that’s because it’s too close to the Grand Prix for classes to be able to run without people NOT HEARING ANYTHING!


I went over to Bee’s house because she was holding a family friend sort of party for Melb Cup, but Carmaine and I (and Eunice, who couldn’t show) were invited because Bianca usually felt rather left out because no one is her age.

I arrived early and helped “set up” some things but mostly I just prepared a salad. We sat around and Greg, Bianca’s brother, and I bullied Bianca by hitting a balloon at her. Carmaine showed up later than she’d said she would, and then we waited for about 1 1/2 hours before people started showing up.

Bianca, your family friends are all so pretty! Goan (sp?) people are really awesome. They’re so friendly and happy and smiley, and yeah it was rather…shocking when Christine your aunt greeted Carmaine and me, and she said, “oh yes I’ve seen pictures.” What do you get up to, woman, when we’re not there?!

We played Wii for most of the day. Mario Kart and the shaking thing game. I never caught the name. I didn’t like the shaking game because – no, not because I am uncoordinated – the Wii remote doesn’t register properly. And Mario Kart is way better on DS.

Okay, the reason I titled this 10. Viewed is this:

Well, for those who bothered to watch, number 10 horse, Viewed, won the Emirates.

At the party they did a sweeps thing, where everyone put in 2 dollars and drew a horse out of a hat, randomly. Bianca chipped for my 2 dollars since she didn’t tell neither Carmaine nor I that we had to bring money. So all together the pool was about 40-something dollars.

When the race was running, we kids were watching it in the other room from the adults. It was boring at the start because nothing was really happening, and there was one horse that was leading but we couldn’t see the number. Then the names came up across the bottom, and Bee’s and Greg’s horses were on there. So they started screaming and shouting abuses at each other as their horses went neck and neck. I couldn’t find my horse and Carmaine’s horse, Profound Beauty, was absolutely nowhere to be seen (but that Carmaine drew a horse named as such was rather amusing to me). Then, in the last few moments, a horse broke from the pack and started chasing the leader. We all started the “wo….aaaahhhhhhhh” as the two horses all ran to the finish. I said that the inside horse won, but it was down to a photo finish. And yes the inside horse won.

Bianca asked me, “what did you get?” I said, “I couldn’t find my horse.”

Then, on the screen we saw a jockey with “10” and I said, “hey, that’s my horse.”

Then I saw the jockey pumping his arms.

Well, so I left Bee’s house today with sandwiches, pastries, biscuits, juice and apple crumble in my stomach, and holding a small box of coins and notes, totalling 40-something dollars.

It was funny when we went to the next room with the adults, and everyone was yelling “who drew 10?” And I put my hand up, and they all turned to look at me, and apart from Carmaine, I was the only non-Goan there. It was daunting when all the males kind of stared at me but hey I won 40-something dollars.

It was a fun day, to be able to play with kids again and scream at the video game and drink red juice (apple, cranberry and pomegranate. Very very tasty. And Bee got a bit funny after drinking champagne).

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Carmaine and Bianca, you both looked very pretty today.