Those Things We Learned And Grown To Hate

[Picture Frames – Georgia Fair]

Last day of Winter today, so last day of me doing this song thing. Wait til Summer for it to come back!

I hate that it’s the last day of Winter…I loved this Winter. Jac’s birthday, my birthday, Josh’s birthday…good shit.

And also I hate that the weather will get warmer. It was warm yesterday already. I think I will start my complaints.

Got home late tonight and now I am worried about my CMEL assignment. I will work hard to finish it Wednesday night and Thursday, then hand it in Friday. Hopefully. Then I can REST!

I’ve been writing more when I should be working. I finished Chapter 7, and I will have to title it and do some proofing. This chapter was hard. I actually rewrote most of it.

Maybe I’ll try to enjoy Summer this year? I don’t know exactly who I’ll spend it with because Jac will be overseas all Summer but I guess I’ll try to enjoy it. Maybe get a tan. HAHA NO! I think I’ll rent a shitload of TV series and watch it at home with the curtains drawn and the aircon on. THAT sounds good shit.

Bye Winter. I thank you for 3 months of good memories.


This Freak I Became

[Dear Angel – April Sixth]

Man it was cold today! I was out hanging up the laundry in our front balcony (we’re the Asian equivalent of white-trash; undies hanging in the front balcony. Cool.) and suddenly a gust of wind blows.

Even though I was standing in the full sun, I was painfully aware of how useless it was the wind bit THROUGH my 3 layers of warm clothing. I couldn’t keep my hands in my pockets, but instead had to keep handling cold damp clothes.

I think there’s something odd going on with my mom’s body, though, because she was only wearing 2 layers, one of them light, and she was outside for ages in the wind and she said she felt warm. Though she was moving around a lot, that’s still not right.

By the way, I just realized that the laundry I’d hung had all fallen over. Damn.

We just roasted some meat with cumin. This is…I smell…fra..grant.

Jackie’s birthday tomorrow!


If It Never Ends Then When Do We Start?

[The Sweetest Goodbye – Maroon 5]

How I kept myself entertained for 10 minutes tonight: While on webcam, I tried to use the lag to my advantage. I tried to zip up my jacket fast enough so that the lag skips over my hand zipping it up, thus making it look like the jacket zipped itself up.

It was so much fun, I did it again and again and again.

Alright, so what did I do yesterday?

I had enough brain to try to beat the rush hour traffic, and got driven to the Glen early. What I didn’t realize that Jac didn’t have the same thoughts, and she arrived later on a bus, 14 minutes after I started waiting for her by the station corner. It was rather windy and cold.

To my order, she dressed rather well – but didn’t bother doing her hair – and thankfully she wore the pair of boots without heels, thus not rendering her TOO much taller than me.

We took the train up, having nicked an mX off one of the seats. Now, how does someone not know the word “hangar” but know the word “geyser”? I ask you this, and Jac probably should know – it was her.

We got to Southern Cross, and went to the apartment building where Hungy lives. Incidentally, it’s the same apartment as where Bel lives – they don’t know each other. When they all came downstairs, I saw that our company for the night would be Sting, Hungy, Bill, Cle-, Jacky (or, as we had to refer to him, Mandy’s Jacky), Mandy, Jac (my Jac, for the night) and of course myself.

We took a tram up to Crown, where M’s Jacky directed us to Kitchen Workshop, a buffet. At the counter, we each got a card which entitled us to a complementary half-kilo of prawns for the night. None of us liked prawns – or so I thought.

M’s Jacky ended up eating his entire half-kilo. Hungy had 4 servings, as did Cle-. Bill had half of his half-kilo. Mandy tried out all of her Jacky’s desserts, and I made Jac eat, which was miraculous.

The dinner table conversations weren’t the highest of the brows. I suppose I should admit it was partly due to my fault. APPARENTLY I am sick-minded.

After dinner, we walked to Flinders St station via Southbank, as I always like to do. It was really windy, and Mandy and Jac were starting to shiver a little. We walked past a guy who was living in this room for 28 days just watching the soccer. It was so weird (and cool at the same time).

The train ride back was pretty normal, except for Mandy’s twitching when she sleeps, and her left eye being bigger than her right one.

Stayed up last night watching the Spain VS Switzerland match. Dude, GG Spain, not getting a single goal in, AND losing to Switzerland.

Made Jac stay up til 1 am haha. I do feel bad about it.


Raindrops keep pelting on my head

Today was NOT a good day for me.

My parents went to the Melbourne Uni open day in my stead, because I had a Chinese SAC I could not miss. So I had to make my own way to Chinese school. Being a Sunday, I decided to walk there.

I live about a 30-40 minute solid walk from the school, but I thought, hey, exercise.

Within 2 minutes of leaving my front door, it started raining. I put up my hood, thinking, hey, it’ll pass.

Then it started being more enthusiastic about its job, so I opened my umbrella. But at the exact same time the wind woke up, and in the interest of me not spending the rest of the walk mimicking Mary Poppins, I put the umbrella down.

When I was about 7-10 minutes into the walk, the rain REALLY let go, and I had to wait in the bus shelter for about 10 minutes. I was already pretty wet.

I thought the rain eased up a bit, so I started walking again. As I reached the lights, where there are NO places to shelter, the wind and rain decided to go at once, and I more or less stood at a 45 degree angle.

The rain only came at a northerly direction, and I was walking north the entire time, so my front was completely soaked, leaving my back dry. My jeans had a discernible line down the middle where the wet line is.

I was within the home run, having stopped once again. When I was about 3 minutes away from my destination (the trip had taken me nearly an hour because of the all the stopping), I managed to step into a huge puddle, wetting the feet I’d managed to keep dry for the past hour.

At that point, my jeans were stiff on my legs, my hoodie was soaking through to my top underneath, my hair was poof wrecked, and now my feet were wet.

I was able to wring water out of my hoodie.

It took 10 minutes of standing under the hand dryer to make my hoodie only be damp and cold.

Then I ate some dodgy sushi and had a stomach ache the entire time at Jack’s.

I came home, I showered, I put comfy warm PJs on, and in about 2 minutes I’m going to hit the hay for an early night.

“Day off” tomorrow, and I will finally write the explanation of what’s going on.

So take care, everyone.


P.S. My back fence blew down. It’s the fence we share with our neighbors behind us. We’ve lived in this house for over 4 years and not ONCE have we talked to them. This’ll be fun.

It’s Beautiful, Man!

I went out today with Bee to watch YesMan and then had lunch with Carmaine and Eunice.

Haha, if only all my blogs were that short.

Regardless of how fucking hot it was yesterday (because I didn’t go out at all – score) I still maintain that today was close to being unbearable. Anything above 26 is pretty bad for me. I said to Bee, “I hope this winter is a cold one because we get to wear our own clothes so we don’t have to be stuffed in school uniform.” and she argued that our uniform isn’t that bad. But still. Those blazers stink when wet.

I took my walk to the bus stop and as I was sitting there waiting, April called. So I chatted a bit, and got on the bus, and Bee got on at her stop down the road, and at the end of the bus ride I nearly toppled over the seat in front of me because it – the bus – braked suddenly and I was in one of the back seats.

Bee laughed. Jerk (not really. I deserved it).

We went to the Glen and I got my recharge (yeah, there’s a gripe behind that that more or less goes along the lines of “stupid Optus”) and then went back to the cinemas and bought out tickets. Who do we see being the solitary ticket girl? Pam. Yep, I had actually thought this morning that it would be rather funny if we got Pam for our ticket chick and sure enough, Pam was our ticket chick. So of course I asked to be put down to children tickets. Gotta love Pam. Chatted a bit (but not too much) and then I got my Chop Top and we went up to see YesMan.

We got there rather early, and were the first ones in the cinema so we just talked loudly to each other until one of the guys who I suppose makes sure the cinema is in good shape came in, and according to Bee he was “really cute” and he chatted with us for a bit with his “nice voice” and then after that a few more people came in so we couldn’t talk loudly anymore.

Anyway, so my two cents on YesMan.

It wasn’t the best movie that Jim Carrey has done, then again Jack Black and Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler have all gone a bit kooky (granted I’ve yet to see Tropic Thunder so don’t hold me on my words there). But I had some pretty good laughs and came out of it feeling like I could…say yes to ANYTHING! (Except, as Bee found out soon enough, wear a dress. Ha.) But there was a rather sweet scene in a barn in the rain when the lead girl Alisha suddenly hugs Carl (Carrey) and I’m sorry, I nearly said “aww” there. Or maybe I did. The old lady “repaying Carl for his kindness”, that part, that was rather disturbing. Because he actually liked it.

After the movie, we were a little late to the pre-arranged meet time for lunch at The Arena in the Glen near David Jones (nearly 9 years living in this area and I’ve never been there) and so Carmaine and Eunice were there already when we got there. I said to Bee later on, “You either miss someone like crazy from the get-go, or you don’t realize how much you’ve missed them until you see them again.” And somehow both were the case today. Because I’d been on the phone with Bee a lot I hadn’t been out of contact per se with her as much, but I hadn’t talked to Carmaine and Eunice much at all and it was incredibly good to be BRuCE again, just being retards (or just me. Look I was influenced by Carrey, alright? Got a big loud and gesture-y) and laughing and catching up.

I ordered a really big burger, unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to warrant a “this burger is so good…”  but the fries were really good, and everyone kept on nipping one or two there.

We went to Country Road, then David Jones (you may remember The Arena was NEXT TO David Jones and Country Road IS NOT) and then went out to Real Gelati near the library. I saw Carmen working there! (I mentioned Carmen a couple months back from Chinese school) And so we chatted for a bit, and then we…went back to David Jones for Carmaine to be picked up by her mom – who was really nice and wished me a Happy Chinese New Year. Eunice and I had a couple of “Your Face” moments before that, and a lot of high-fives (or burger-five, or parody-five) were passed around. I even made Bee high-five me a couple of times.

Eunice went down the escalator (sorry, chronological disorder. This was all before saying bye to Carmaine at David Jones) and so Carmaine and I shouted down from the first floor “BYE EUNICE!” And yeah it was fun to embarrass her like that. You should try it. You, in general.

Bee and I took the bus home to her place, and we watched Scrubs. Oh, Eunice, we watched the episode with the line “I love this moment so much I want to have sex with it.”

Mom picked me up – and with the fact that she has a phone now, I called her on her MOBILE to confirm I was at Bee’s place – and came home and my face is hurting a bit so I’m guessing I got a bit burnt. Yes. I burn easily. Laugh it up, mortals, laugh it up. Because…THIS…IS WHAT A MONSTER LOOKS LIKE…[throws glitter in face].

I don’t think I’ve ever employed my [] in blogging before. Have I?

In one scene in YesMan, Carl stopped a guy from jumping because he played a song on the guitar, an instrument he learned in a whim. I think if I can stop one person from jumping by playing them a song, it’s worth it.

I have no idea how I hit 1000 words already but I should stop.

Keep Cool (apparently),


What a brilliant day

For those that know me, they’d know I love crisp mornings where it’s not wet (or a little damp I don’t mind) and when you breathe you can see the little clouds. Okay, so today wasn’t crisp per se, more like bone-cracking cold, but I enjoyed it because we’re at the end of August and Spring will be here soon. And Eu- would agree that sucks.

The day was brilliant because the morning was my type of morning, and everything seemed to have sailed smoothly. The train ride wasn’t too bad, Car- seemed awake and not grumpy which is a blessing, and Eu- actually let me annoy her, which is again a phenomenon. No, her being there is a phenomenon. Mondays I don’t usually get to see Eu-. Actually I said to her this afternoon on the way home (YES! SHE WAS THERE TOO!) “Beggars aren’t choosers. And I’m a beggar here. I have to beg to have just a bit of you…” and there I heard what I was saying.

April, however, was ghastly sick. When she didn’t show up, I called her at recess, and I got this female Darth Vader on the other end. All jokes aside, I was worried. April gets sick yes, but hardly ever sick enough to take a day off (unlike Dani, yah? Jokes hon) so it was very worrying. Good thing she did take today off though, some of those winds dug right in.

I hung out with Dani most of the day, though. She gave me a very warm hug when she saw me (go you) and then we just talked a lot, and she tried to kill my thumb again – a pressure point on the base of the thumb nail, and Dani would try to make you hurt by pressing it. We had a year level assembly about Yr 12, because today subject selections went in, and we reckoned it up and realized we had 6 weeks of school left before we are in our FINAL FUCKING YEAR OF SCHOOL! Okay, so for Yr 12’s this year it’s a bit more daunting but COME ON! Those who have graduated probably won’t appreciate this, and those yet to graduate probably won’t either, but the sudden departure of a structured day just seems…scary.

At lunchtime I sat with Car-, Bee, Dani and Ina (would it matter if I said “Ina”? CRUZIK!) and Bekchie came along, and we just all mucked around telling lame jokes. The only joke I remember – sadly – is Bekchie’s penis action joke. Blergh. Maybe I am intrinsically dirty-minded.

Haha that reminds me of when on Sunday in Chinese school we were discussing the 4 bases of a relationship (instead of Detailed Studies) and one friend didn’t know what second base was so Pam- made a swirly motion with two fingers raised, and still that friend didn’t understand, so Ev- made a upward jabbing motion with her fingers. Yeah, we got it now.

We had an open-book SAC in Legal but that was actually intense, despite how easy it actually was. There were many case files and we had to sort out each one. That kind of work is tedious, but not difficult.

I read back on what I wrote so far, and it all seems like I was recounting a trivial day. I aim to write something meaningful about each day, so maybe this will be that paragraph.

After getting off my chest that “emo” blog I wrote about letting go of a certain something/one, I felt a lot better today, but Bel- took it the wrong way. She thought I was ignoring her and the rest of the group, but that wasn’t it. I’ll say it now on a public forum: I wasn’t ignoring you! It just so happened that I didn’t spend much of today with you guys but I definitely am NOT ignoring you!

Oh, and that reminds me about Sonam!

Sonam got a “cute” haircut! She now has the stereotypical ASIAN FRINGE! She hates it when people comment that it’s “cute”. Which came in handy because she did something stupid today, and I counterattacked with, “well you know what? YOUR FRINGE IS CUTE!”

Touche! (I can’t be bothered finding the accent)

Sonam said that she didn’t want to continue her blog (on my blogroll) because she doesn’t want to write superficial stuff on her blog like what I did at the start of this entry. She says she can’t even be completely honest in her own personal diary let alone a public blog. And, I think she has a fair point. Having secrets down on paper (so to speak) kind of makes it official and real, almost tangible, and there are thoughts we have and things we want that should remain forever in the depths of our consciousness. Depending on how little regard you have for your own pride, some people would probably never ever write down what they really feel, or even say it out loud. The only times they say those things out loud would be to their soulmate (bah what a term, but there you go) or their best best friend.

I envy that sometimes, because it makes you more mysterious and have more to give and share. I mean look at me now, just blabbing cats and dogs, leaving absolutely nothing to talk about in real life conversation (case in point Dani today: Me “Bel- wants to start a band…” Dani “I know, I read it on your blog.” “Oh” “What’s the point of having real life conversations when you have blogs?”) so tomorrow when I complain about this to BRuCE they’ll say, “we KNOW!” (Except for Bee who DOESN’T READ THIS!)

Julia has password protected entries. I have no idea how to do it. And even if I did I don’t think I would feel comfortable with doing that. (Nothing against J) Mostly because if I protected something and only gave password to a certain few people, then those certain few people would probably just receive a personal email from me. Since I put my profile to public then…well?

Okay shit 1000 words haha. I will stop now. Today was indeed a great day. I actually felt like jumping and singing “OH WHAT A FEELING!” which is that good. Eu- seemed to have opened up a bit today as well, if not reluctantly. Oh well, we take what we get. As time goes on maybe more?

I love you all, BRuCE, Dani, April (get better) and of course Sonam’s cute fringe!

De Fluffe, Out