I Wish It Were Us

[Haunting – Anberlin]

I think I used this song already, too.

Anyway, it was brought to my attention that the link on the side for my Uni assignment won’t work unless you’re a logged in member of the subject, so I’ve taken it off (or will, after I finish writing this) and from now on I will just copy/paste what I wrote in this blog, and any comments I will copy/paste to that blog and answer them (as well as answering them here).

I know, it’s so confusing! But I think there will be people who want to see what I wrote.

So yesterday, my post was titled “C’mon lawn chair, look pretty for the camera”

So they reckon (well, Sontag reckons) that whoever is doing/making photographic recording of anything, is the person in power. Those doing the surveillance, those taking the photo, those behind the camera etc, they’re the ones in power because they get to decide and influence how an instance is depicted in photography.

Well, I see your Sontag, and I raise you ungrounded and unresearched rebuttal.

Now, I realize that the majority of those that read this are fellow Arts students, so I might be preaching to the already holy here, but how many times have you tried to take a photo of a lawn chair, wanting it to look freaking awesome and deep, only to have it look like a lawn chair?

I want to be good at photography! Admit it, people who can snap a mean picture are sexier – their skinny jeans, messy hair and don’t-give-a-grapefruit about anything demeanor – and I wanted to be one of them! But each picture that I tried to snap of someone turns out a bit drunk and blurry.

I put to you that it is not the PHOTOGRAPHERS who have the upper-hand, but it is the PHOTOGRAPHEES who hold the power to stand still while still looking good and baring their soul to the lens. You can set up the best shot, and then they decide their hair isn’t sitting right, reach up to fix it, and bam their beautiful face is obstructed by a blurry fleshy appendage. Um. The arm.

Take, for another really boring example, Australia’s Funniest Home Video. You can keep that camera rolling for as long as you want, but if your kid doesn’t throw up in your spouse’s face, or your dog doesn’t get her head stuck in the vase, then you don’t get those two cars! I wonder how many of those prize-winning side splitters have been set up and re-done until they’re exactly the right amount of funny?


And, once again…


2 Weeks

My net uncapped!

But because for the next 2 weeks I have all my final essays to write, this is what I shall do:

Today: Watch 1 ep of NCIS from last week while nomming on coleslaw, then finish my Cinema Studies ACMI close analysis essay.

Then watch 1 ep of GLEE from last week, and then finish editing both my close analysis and my Creative Writing short fiction.

Then watch 1 ep of How I Met Your Mother from last week, and then start violently on my “Travel Piece” for Professional writing. Write at least 200 words.

Then watch 1 ep of The Big Bang Theory from last week, and then write another 200 words of Travel Piece.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I might be going out but tomorrow I aim to finish the Travel Piece, as well as the episodes of House and FlashForward from last week.

This month I aim to not download anything until the end of the month. I also figured that Megavideo streaming uses less downloads than those from, say, Zshare, so I will try my best to cope with the time limit on Megavideo.

I don’t know how I would cope with not getting new Glee songs.

I shall edit this piece later tonight to tell you if I managed to do this.


/edit I finished Cinema Studies and I remembered that the Creative Writing piece can be workshopped on Friday so I don’t have to worry. Other than that I haven’t started on my Travel piece but I will bring a notebook to the city tomorrow and start writing it.

Barista or Game-ah?

Just to catch people (who give a shit) up…

I’m applying for a job at about 5 different EB Games (I REALLY want to work there haha) and one at Gloria Jeans on Kingsway in Glen Waverley. I suppose either would be fine – GJs is ACTUALLY hiring whereas I’m just throwing hopeful hooks into EB Games – but I’m a bit iffed at GJ since I have dodgy balance and boiling water? Uh oh…

Who knows?

This is also for me to read back on much later next year and laugh at. Because by then I’d be hopefully working at one of the two. Or neither. Or somewhere at bloody least.


P.S. JEN! SPANNA! I’m barely holding on! It was a close call last night…

Haven’t seen you in a while

Today on the tram ride to Flinders, as a joke, when I sat down next to Jen I pretended that I hadn’t seen her in a while.

“Oh hey! It’s been a while, how’ve you been?” said I.

“I’ve been well,” said Jen.

“Yeah? Katie’s grown up a bit now hasn’t she? How’s she doing?”

“She’s great. Yeah she’s 17 this year.” (Which is of course the same age as Jen currently)

“How’s Tommy?”

“(Tommy’s a crap name.)”

“(YOU’RE the mom.)”

“Tommy’s good. He starts kindergarten next year.”

“Oh wow he sure grew up fast. I still remember when he was this little.”

“Yeah, and Bindi’s 21.”

“Oh wow, must be a handful.”

“Hey you goin’ to the reunion next month?”

“Yeah, the 30th right?”

“(Wow that makes Tommy have a really old mom.)”

“20th? (No that means you had Bindi when you were in Yr 12. 25th, then.) Yeah 25th Reunion. Wow it’s been ages since I’ve seen Julia…”

“And SONAM! Yeah oh did you hear Jen T- is now the…”

“President of China?”

“Yeah and plus she discovered a cure for cancer.”

“And April…well we have to call her Senator Scarlett now. (No wait, you can’t be a Senator if you’re not born in America.)”

And so it went on.

The looks we got.


Bloody Fel

Mm, first and foremost, that was a play on “Bloody Hell”. I don’t mean for it sound like a gripe about Fel. It is a bit though.

I spent the entire day with the lovely “Fail-icia” today at Walters, because Bee and Carmiane are both [sigh] sick.

[pause for silent sadness]

We filed and archived our way through a really monotonous day. I called up Bee and Carmaine at lunch break. They sounded alive.

The reason I wrote “Bloody Fel” was because, on our way home, we’d gotten to Gardiner train station on the tram, and as we were walking towards the platform, the boomgates came down. So I said “Oh hope that’s not my train.” Fel was going the other way, to clarify.

Fel says, “yeah bruh (don’t ask) that is your train.” So when I saw it pulling up at the station and I had still about 30 metres to go, I made a sprint for it. Full on sprinting, and seeing as I’m insanely unfit, that wasn’t fun.

The train goes right past.

It was a freaking express.

Fel was on the other platform, laughing her head off at me.

Bloody Fel.


Filing away

Today was my first day actually earning money. Carmaine, Bianca, Fel and I went to work at Walters and Partners doing random odd jobs around the office.

We, the four of us, managed to do nearly 1000 letters. That is, Fel managed the signing, Carmaine and I the folding and stapling/paper clipping, and Bee the putting-into-envelopes.

Then we had lunch. (Damn straight we did all that before lunch).

Carmaine and I re-organized the entire filing room, hauling big-ass folders back and forth. Go us, Carmaine! Muscle strength haha!

Then we joined Bee and Fel in some filing of alphabetical order crap thingy that took ages and hurt my back.

On the tram home there was a creepy guy who screamed loudly and swore a lot.

My first day of work! Not that exciting. I sorta wished it would be like The Office, but it was just normal.

I work on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow I take day off to do Chinese homework. Wednesday is Mai’s.

Sorry about short sentences. I wasn’t sure what information I could reveal about the firm I work at, not that it’s a dodgy firm. Besides, BIG BANG THEORY IS BACK!


Oh thank god it’s all over

I had my Methods SAC today, and after it’s finishing it meant I officiall have NOTHING DUE until first week back, which is my Chinese Detailed Studies. Arrgh I can do that later.

I got the job at Walter’s and Partners for the holidays, so I’m gonna be earning something, at least.

Today after Methods, Carmaine, Emily, Shaz and I went to JB Hi Fi so Carmaine could get her Sims2 stuff. We had a pretty fun train ride home just talking about random stuff that comes to our mind…formal included, apparently.

Now, I can go eat dinner without needing to think “oh okay it’s Monday. I want to watch TV at this time so I have to…”etc. I can just go watch TV now.

I feel like writing Chapter 4. Hmm. GNW or Chapter 4? I know what Sneaks will say.


P.S. I bumped into Dot today! Uberly happy. I haven’t seen the girl in ages (so long I actually can’t remember when) and it was good to catch up. She hugged me when she saw me so it means she still likes me and I don’t look too scary. I want to catch up with so many people over the holidays but I don’t think I’ll be able to.

That…looks like a human penis

Explanation of title later on in the post.

I’M BACK! (Insert interesting teaser to get Facebook people to read this…)

I did a lot of Methods this week, and while I still have a little more to do, as well as a substantial amount of Chinese, I feel like I’ve pretty much accomplished it all rather well.

The holidays are coming up, much to my relief. Not only because it’s the holidays, it’s actually because MY BIRTHDAY! MY 18TH! Did I blog about my 17th? Well at some point I wrote about it because there was a blog where I talked about the birthdays of BRuCE.

During these holidays, I might be working (for the first time in my life) at a firm called Walters and Partners doing small office jobs. Much thanks to Bee for hooking me up. So I will be earning a small wage, but at the same time I won’t be home much so I hope I don’t get too much homework.

The irony is that on my ACTUAL birthday, I’m going to another friend’s birthday party. Strange, isn’t it?

I’ve been talking to Catherine a lot still, even though she’s become sick this week. Actually speaking of sick, I’ve gotten the sniffles too! It was inevitable, I suppose, but it still sucks.

And now to explain the title.

Today was the parade thing for Environment Week. Basically each class makes a dress out of recycled materials. Anyway, one of the Yr 9s, 9E as I recall, made a dress with really big puffy shoulders.

And someone near my commented that “that looks like a human penis.”

Trust me, it gave us an entire lunchtime of mirth to think of her, the model, as the human penis. And in the end we could ask questions, and I wanted so much to ask the girl, “Are you aware that you look like a penis?”

So, enough “penis”, because I had a false scare yesterday that someone found my blog through¬† “Porn”. They actually said “through Pom” which is the nickname of a mutual friend.



Maybe she didn’t blog because she didn’t want to.

Maybe she had a lot to blog about in the past few days, and had been on the brink of insanity and depression but didn’t. Because she thought she’d get out of it. Maybe she did get out of it. Maybe she didn’t.

Maybe she had a huge load that needed to be dispersed, and blogging was the only way to do it. Except Time had dispersed it. Or maybe Time had merely covered the symptoms.

Maybe she’s fine.

Maybe she’s been doing great in her life, and she’s looking forward to the holidays, when she can sleep in.

Maybe she’s worried about upcoming SACs, such as her Chinese oral, or her English Language, or Methods.

Or maybe she has resolved to prepare thoroughly like she’s never done before.

Maybe both. Maybe she’s okay and she’s not okay. She can’t be certain what she is, because even she doesn’t know.

Confusion, that’s part of it, but something more. Sometimes she’d glide away and there would be stretches of time, white time, until she’d come back and the entire prospect of the future would come crashing down on her. She’d feel like she was suffocating, drowning, and the only way out is to end it herself so that she wouldn’t have to succumb to another power.

The trick then, was to distract herself and pretend that she’ll get through it.


Motivation, Such An Aggravation

That’s a line from “Motivation” by Sum 41.

It’s true, but. I’m in my 2nd week of Year 12, and I still don’t really find it that fun to do studying and homework. I have an English SAC soon, and I haven’t really even started on that scrapbook. I mean, I don’t actually even think that the scrapbook will be tedious, it’ll be good to sort my thoughts out…but…

I’ve just had a qaudruple free. My Methods teacher was on a conference today, meaning I didn’t have to go to class. In English I drew in Ly’s planner, in Legal I froze my ass off in the WAY TOO COLD dungeon room, and then it was a free, which I spent in the library reading some stuff for English (I didn’t get far) and then recess, assemblies, lunch, and I just had a free with Dani during which again I didn’t do anything. I have a double free now, and look, I’m online. At school.

I sorted something out with Bee today. It turned out to be another one of our getting-to-be-famous misunderstandings.

I’m starting to¬†feel really tired when I’m by myself. That is, I find myself constantly wanting to be around BRuCe and Dani just because when I’m with them I feel more alert and awake and ready for my future. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Keep Cool (keep working, dammit!)