The 411

“My first impressions of Alex was that she blogs helluvalot. And it’s never about anything worthwhile.”

“She promised she wouldn’t get Facebook, and now she has Facebook AND Twitter. What a disappointment. (When asked for more information) Well I do believe her Facebook URL is, and her Twitter is

“She cheats on WordPress so much! She even got a freaking Tumblr. I mean, what’s with that? What? Her Tumblr? Oh it’s

“She’s really funny! She makes boring things sound interesting and her writing is really good.” (Paraphrased from an ACTUAL source)

“Sometimes she uses abstract Australian idioms like ‘arvo’. I mean, what the hell is that? Use proper English!”

These reviews, and more, are completely made up (except for the one that actually wasn’t) to sell the author of this blog as a boring self-important little shit.

Nonetheless, if you’d clicked onto this page, chances are you’re bored enough to want to read the rest of my blog too. So go ahead! It’s not that hard to navigate, and who knows, something that I’d tapped out might actually entertain you.


6 thoughts on “The 411

  1. heiya. i’m Andhika and i’m Indonesian. it’s great to know a nice writer like you. love it.

    i’m going to study at Australia too, soon. hope we will meet someday in the future.


    Andhika Satrio.

    P.S. : i wrote my blog in all Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). you don’t have to read it—i’m a beginner—but a comment or a link will be much appreciated. thanks 🙂

    Hey Andhika! Thanks for you comment. Your English sounds pretty much spot so I think you won’t have any worries coming to Australia. It’s a lovely place, you’ll love it here.

  2. blogrolled… as promised. 🙂

    But I don’t even know who you are! Tell me stuff about you, man!

  3. Hahaha, I’ve never seen the front page of this blog…

    If you remember music madness, I tried out for that.
    We wanted to do Milkshake by somerandom band (A cool heavy metal cover version)

    It was tough but we managed to get Tyler as our singer XD

    Too bad two of our bandmembers didn’t show up so we didn’t get in sigh…
    Would of been awesome having a guy singing that infront of 300~500 kids or so XD

    Goodnight Nurse.

  4. Random, but I saw Goodnight Nurse “sing” Milkshake live. Ahhhh, the mosh was so freaking ACE!!!!!! That is all. 😀

    While the concept of emails might escape you…LOL wow lucky. I can’t wait to go to concerts and stuff now that I don’t have “school the next day”.

  5. hi c:
    i know this is completely random, but i typed in ‘general convo chinese’ into google and your blog appeared. I saw the word ‘macrob’ and coincidentally enough, i go there too
    just wanted to say that you have a really cool blog and that it’s quite entertaining reading about swine flu and macrob hahaha, especially since we just had speech night //sentimental// //memoirs// //feels you must have//
    and, well, good luck i guess for the future ? c:

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