So to add another post count

I feel like I mustn’t let the month pass with only 3 posts, so here’s a story of what happened on Saturday…

After work, I was waiting to have dinner with a friend, who was late, and I arranged to meet her at Flinders station and I was at Melbourne Central.

Seeing as it was Easter Saturday and the trams, when they do come, would be crowded, I decided just to walk to Flinders, seeing as I had over an hour to wait, and it wasn’t bad weather.

As I was passing the Subway right outside of Melbourne Central, I passed a guy who started saying something to me. I had my music in, so I took it out to see if maybe he was asking for directions.

“You know I’d straight up go out with you, yeah do you like me?”

And then I realized that I’d made a mistake.

“See ya later, mate,” I said, trying to dismiss him, and walked a bit faster. Unfortunately, he kept following me.

“Come on why not?”

I kept on walking, and at the next light, I crossed the road and walked into QV. I gave myself until the end of one song before I turned around to check…and saw that he was still following me. Losing patience, and somewhat getting a bit creeped out, I barked, “Stop following me, man!” He did a weird smile, so I just turned around and walked faster, hoping that the people around me can both mask me, and act as a deterrent to him.

After weaving through downstairs QV, back up, around the back of QV and out onto Russel Street, then back onto Swanston (thank God I knew the place), I crossed my fingers and hoped he wasn’t still following me.

He wasn’t.

That was the first time I’d gotten a semi stalker.

I didn’t like it.


In my head

Quite a lot of people asked and got worried about the previous password protected post, and I was very touched at how many people were worried that something might be wrong – because, you know, I spill my guts about everything.

I’m quite alright, it was just a piece that I had get off my chest but not something I wanted to publicize. Thank you for your concern.


Posting just to be vague…

I know how little I’ve been posting, and aside from all the assessment and my actually trying to do well in them – hence preparing and all that – and having nothing to really write about, I think it’s safe to say that everything interesting about me and my life is sort of on hiatus at the moment. I mean, I’m settling into work, which was the most recent new development in my life, so there’s nothing fresh to add there.

ANYWAY the vague part, which is just a thought I had today:

It’s easy to differentiate between being hung up on someone, and being hung on up on how you felt with them.

By the same token, it is easy to differentiate between someone who actually knows what they’re feeling – and someone who is just making excuses for slipping back into the habit.

Now that my immediate assessments are over, I will resume writing my Sex and the Screen blog posts, so they’ll be showing up shortly too.