Haven’t started yet but getting there…

So, a small update on my English Folio.

So far we’ve read some of the boring stories in the book and it was so boring =.=”. kuh-learly. We’ve been discussing in class about how Aussies have a “healthy disregard for authority” and about how we used to have that feeling of imperialism or whatnot with Britain but now it’s just bleh.

Doesn’t apply to me, I’m  Chinese.

That was a quick update so I can look back on this later for my commentary. Blah.

Jen- won’t let me write something to her exchange sister. Like, 1 sentence. Damned girl.

De Fluffe Out.

Actually useful?

So, to quickly explain to those invisible people who read my blogs, never commenting, and never leaving a visit-trail (I like to keep my fantasies…)

In school I have – as well as April, the only other person on my Blogroll – been given a writing folio task (DEATH TO A 3-PIECE FOLIO!) and one of the choices we had was to write a blog.

I thought, hell, why not? I have one here that isn’t…My(Pimp’dUpHo’dDown)Space or Fatbook/Facebox… (Even THOUGH, believe it or not, Facebook was another choice on which we can do our writing folio…)


So this writing task has a theme “Being Australian”. It goes hand-in-hand with “Being Bored In Class”, “Being Purposefully Dumb And Stereotypical Just To Get A Bloody A”…etc. Funny thing is, my teacher might actually be reading this…I still don’t know if I’ll give her a URL for this, or if I’ll print it off. Either way, chances are she’ll see that first post I made (you know, the one with the word “fuck” in it) and I’m not a big fan of editing things after I’ve posted them…so that f-bomb is a-stayin’. But I think I might refrain from swearing (too much) from now on.

The following few blogs will most likely be for the assignment. I know I don’t blog often, but who knows? I might feel the urge to blog suddenly over the course of my assessment, so, Miss E- (I don’t write your full name into my blogs unless a) it’s a common name like Jenny, or Julia, so forth, b) I’ve done it already accidentally before or c) you’re April…since April already has her name posted on the same blogging site) if you are reading this, please only assess me on the blogs titled “Being Australia” (then subsequently Part 1 Part 2 etc), and everything else…well just don’t read. Or if you do read it, ignore the fact that I swear freely when I write, and also ignore anything I might write about school, teachers, students etc…I mean, come on, this IS my personal blog.

To end this rant, I might clue in on my invisible buddies on what’s been going down so far in my life since I made this blog back in March (if you read that first post, Miss E-, then you’d know that I had a blog before this from this site, and on that one I swore a LOT more…).

So, Term  2 of my first year of VCE has started (and pretty much ended) and there haven’t been any maaajor dramas. Not for me anyway. For some other people in my life however, relationships have formed and crumbled, strengthened and..died..thus completing what is more commonly known as the circle of complaining. (Yeah, I ripped that one off HIMYM. Great show, really got into it.) So basically, when shit happens – we’ll use some examples – such as when Th- would complain to me. I would then complain to April, who complains to An-. An- then complains to Bo- who in turn starts laying it on So-. So- would relieve her frustration at Ti- who would bitch to me, thus completing the circle of complaining. Sure, I totally left out Th- but if you knew my group, then you’d know Th- would never link up.

I’ve been watching a LOT more shows online (soo dodgy…) one of my preferred sites is NOT YouTube, however, it is Acidito. It’s not bad and you can get most of the shows on there: Simpsons, House, Lost, Smallville etc. Except it loads as 1 whole episode so for those who can only watch it in sections ‘cos of crap internet…sorry dudes.

I’ve also very recently been CRAZY about VAMPIRES! AND NO, not because of TWILIGHT! Twilight, by my thoughts, actually disgraces vampires. I hope to GOD the movie is good because otherwise…[shudder]. No, I’ve fallen in LOVE with vampires because of the awesome anime/manga series called VAMPIRE KNIGHT! If you want to read the manga go here and if you want to watch the anime, it’s on Veoh (go put in search “Vampire Knight”, and if you want to download the vids, you have to download Veoh TV first). Of course, VK anime is also on Youtube.

Well that’s all for now, for now. Yes, I WILL be back soon, okay? This time I have to..dammit…

Not long until my 17th, and definitely not long until my beloved Bi-‘s. Ca- has done a freakishly awesome job of organising her pressies.

De Fluffe out.