Papa I Know You’re Gonna Be Upset

[Papa Don’t Preach – Glee Cast (Dianna Agron), Original by Madonna]

…You’re gonna be upset if I’d burned down my mom’s bed.

Read my 365 for day 16, and you’ll see how close I came to being killed.

To cut a long story short: I played with matches near my mother’s bed. AHH!

I’m an idiot.


P.S. Net uncapped, and so I put work aside for Glee. This is a bad trend.

Go To The Left…Aiyah!

After I finished class today, Jackie (I can’t remember if I mentioned this but Jackie was referred to as “Elmo” before) and I went to State Library for me to find newspaper articles. but before that we got those $4.95 Hungry Jack’s meals. We sat on the Library steps because there was no grass left (Jackie was so shocked that people do that, she’s such a city noob) and it took us almost half an hour to eat everything. And we talked for ages – I talked for ages, Jackie doesn’t actually start conversations, something I have to fix in her.

I took Jackie into State Library for her first time. We went to the newspaper archives and I showed her how they have those microfilms for papers from the 60s and even before. She never realized that State Library isn’t just books.

Then I showed her the Games Room, and we played this dirt bike game for ages, finally getting the hang of it. We still crashed a fair amount. Then we moved onto a Transformers game, where a random guy called Daniel started watching Jackie play, and that was when he shouted out this post’s title. He started making conversation with us for the next 10 minutes until we left.

By the way, Little Big Planet is still there…

Jackie and I did the word scramble on the train back. When we got to Glenny, it was raining pretty hard. We went to the Monash Library where I photocopied some articles I needed, and then we bummed at the foodcourt in the Glen and rated guys that walked past (one guy got a “his face looked like someone stepped on it”). Finally when it was dark, we decided we should go home.

Mom agreed to pick us up, so we waited at the carpark in the rain for a while. I proposed to Jac that one day when it’s warm but raining we should go run in the rain! She laughed uncertainly.

So, in all, it was a good day! For people who came here from my 365, Day 14/365, the reason I’m holding my NDS is to show playing games in the games room.

Ahoy 5 day weekend filled with working on assignments! How depressing.


I Wear This Cap Unwillingly

Oh ffs I’m capped again. I do not know why! Maybe it’s Skype.

Oh dude I really can’t do with the cappage again! Especially now with all my essays due. Not happy.

To read about what I did today, go to day 11 of my 365.

I know it is ratty of me to do that but typing it all out again seems pointless and what I did today felt a bit trivial for this blog.

I will mention though that I spent some awesome time with Catherine and Jackie today!

Wish me luck writing and researching with a capped net!


The One Awesome Quip I Made Today

We were talking about autobiographies today in Creative Writing class, and how some really young people write it, probably only to get publicity or fame, like when Paris Hilton wrote one.

We talked about how it seems rather young celebrities are coming out with autobiographies when they’re sort of in the midst of their fame.

I commented that, perhaps some time this year Justin Bieber will come out with an autobiography.

It will probably end with: “And then I hit puberty.”



Bzzt, I’m Melting!

Argh, what a day this has been!

Today, for Cinema Studies, we watched “The Fly” (1986). It is one of the grossest movies I’ve watched, and I’ve seen rather gross movies.

On the other hand, I have to admit that for 1986, the special effects were not bad at all! The jaw fell off in a really realistic sort of way…

It was quite the experience to watch it in a theater of nearly 200 students. When the main female lead went to hug Seth, the main male, who at that point was pretty gross looking, half fly and everything, the entire theater screamed, “WHY WOULD YOU HUG HIM!?” especially since he’d just puked up enzymes over his donuts.

Unanimous groans and screams sounded when the baboon was turned inside out, when his fingernails fell off, and then when she dreamt of giving birth to a giant maggot, and of course when the hand and foot of the editor got burned to a stump by the enzymes.

Absolute chaos took over when his jaw started falling off, and then large slatherings of flesh peeled off, revealing a fly’s head underneath.

Finally, when the Brunderfly was at its end, and yet still crawling towards the terrified female (who, by the way, has a shotgun in her hand), her hesitation to shoot Brunderfly caused a guy at the back to shout out, “Oh my god, stupid bitch!”

What a gloriously gory movie that was! Eating lunch was a tentative effort afterwards.

Well, that’s it. Not much else really happened…oh except for a revelation that came hand in hand with a fair amount of disappointment…


Massive Shudder

Today I answered the phone, and it was a Sparky on the other end. Apparently my dad had made an appointment of some sorts.

Anyway, when I picked up with, “hello?” I was greeted with:

“Hello this is [name] from [company]. Now, I’m just calling because your husband had inquired previously about making a quote?”

I was silent for a moment.

“Oh…you mean my dad.”

I gave the phone to my mom, and then went to sit by myself in the corner and worked on sounding younger.


Gary Oak Was The Nice Guy All Along!

I saw this post on Tumblr today that made me re-think a large part of my childhood.

(If you’re not a Pokemon fan, chances are you’re not gonna get this post…I mean you’re gonna get it, you just won’t find this amusing)

Gary Oak Was The Nice Guy All Along!

Warning: the article may cause some readers to be upset, as it contains the death of a Pokemon. This basically outlines the scenario of the first series (Kanto region) but emphasizes a detail that, in our haste to Catch ‘Em All, we missed. It made me feel horrible!

In similar news, I decided to start FireRed again, on my laptop, with the VBA emulator. I remember that I’d gotten as far as Lavender Town the previous time that I’d played FireRed emulated, but I’d lost the files. I started at lunch time today, and, at nearly 5pm, I am close to finishing Brock off. I feel pretty good about that, but then again I’d more or less memorized what I need to know and do up to this point.

…Oh and I have a walkthrough [hides from disapproving readers].

I also should PROBABLY get back to the Pokemon Diamond I’m halfway through on my NDS. But I’ve left it for so long (the last time I played it was before my 17th birthday and I’m turning 19 in 3 months) I’d forgotten what I was trying to achieve.

Anyway, apart from that, everything’s pretty peachy. Uni is back tomorrow (let’s hear you say “FUCK NO”) but to my delight, weather is starting to cool down.

Oh! OH! I just realized I’d never written about shopping on Friday!

On Friday Jen and I went shopping together. She was up for a binge trip anyway, so indeed in the first 20 minutes, she’d bought a bow hair clip and a batwing Dangerfield jacket. We went to Harbour Town, and I got a pair of Adidas sneakers (or, as Katherine calls them, “kicks”). Went into Forever New (a shop that Meghan talks about all the time) and Jen got another bow headband (we looked at a bunch of weird ass ones first, though. One looked like a bird flew into your head, and died there).

Went back to Melb Central, and went to Myers with Josh to look at more clothes. FOUND NOTHING! Shattered.

Came home exhausted, and had Katherine tell me that at Valleygirl there was a sale. Oh and I didn’t find Factorie…because it was upstairs at Harbor Town.

Okay! Sorry, Jen, for not writing about my awesome day out with you!

Well, now I shall go upload my 365 for today.