Bonjour, 2009

I went to sleep at around 1 yesterda…no this morning (force of habit. Before Sleep is “Yesterday” After Sleep” is “Today”) after watching the fireworks by myself in my dark living room, with the volume turned down to 7 because my parents went to sleep. I silently mouthed “happy new year” to myself as Channel 7 counted down the New Year for me.

So, what did I do NYE night after I blogged?

After finishing dinner and watching What A Year on Ch 9, I played The World Ends With You for a long time, and then came downstairs to watch Lovely Complex (an anime). I laughed a lot watching it so it wasn’t too bad. I watched it until 11:50, and went upstairs quietly to turn on the TV for the countdown. I knew that Carmaine was at a party (which she told me about today, and it sounded and looked really awesome from the photos) and I knew that Bianca was probably dancing her time away and Eunice…who knows. When midnight came I sent off the batch of texts I had pre-done. Vania replied that I got it on the dot again, so I’m very happy. Jen replied “so everyone knows it’s my birthday?”. Got a few more, then I went to sleep.

Woke up at 9 today, had breakfast, checked emails (net uncapped, hoorah) and went upstairs to start chopping stuff because mom planned on making dumplings. Then, just as I finished chopping, the phone rang. I thought it would be Bianca, it usually is these days, but a soft and familiar voice said, “he-llooooo”. I couldn’t hear it properly because it was soft and I had music in, so I made the voice say it a couple more times before “Oh hey Carmaine! Happy New Year!” She told me about the party yesterday and then she said that she was really bored at home. So I invited her over (first impromptu invite ever) and she arrived in time to eat some fresh dumplings. I looked through her photos of her cruise – backwards chronologically – and it was really awesome, everything that she took, the beach,the sea, the ship, and of course a backwards trip through her various stages of sun burn. Which has now progressed to a very rich dark tan. I mean, her socks and shoes were almost fluro against her legs, and her white short shorts gleamed. Her teeth, when she smiled, was a bit like Ross’s on that episode of FRIENDS when he whitened his teeth too much. I think that the tan will fade after a while, but Carmaine is now indubitably worthy of dark-tan jokes. Which I took full advantage of today. It got to the point where Carmaine called me mean for making all those jokes. But you know that I love you and wouldn’t make those jokes if I didn’t.

We played a few games of pool, she soundly beat me in all games but one. Then we went upstairs and watched some afternoon kid shows (Malcolm In The Middle was good but everything after that got Carmaine to make a face like she’d swallowed a lemon covered in acid) and we did a couple of sudoku’s (she’s so cool, she’s got a sudoku book).

Went back downstairs, watched an episode of Lovely Complex (I thought Carmaine would like it since it’s about a freakishly tall girl) and then she played one last game of pool before leaving about 20 minutes ago. Of course I hopped right on and blogged about it. Ha..ha..sigh.

Not a bad way to spend the first day of the year though. Since I made her laugh a lot, I am about to send off an email to make Eunice and Bianca laugh, thus starting my year long campaign to make them laugh at least once a day.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Happy birthday, my baby Jen.

5 thoughts on “Bonjour, 2009

  1. Lol. car jus called. I told her bout your blog. she sighed when I mentioned the jokes you had posted. heh.

    The e-mail didn’t make me laugh…but thinking of you as an anime dog with Lyshana (sp?) pulling your hair did, so you’re okay for today. (^_^)

    and car got a virus on her comp…lol! I know I shouldn’t laugh but she is now facebook-less and email-less and blog-less. so yeah, she was bored today.

    My head’s still kinda fuzzy from the partying last night. It was pretty good, the neighbours had fireworks so we got a free show. They were huge! beautiful really. then one of the sparks caught on a bush outside their house and the fire brigade came in. apparently they didn’t have a permit for the they were fined. a bit sad, a little funny, but who can beat a free fireworks show? Then we came home and talked till 4.30am. pretty good night all in all.

  2. Lol do you think she’s annoyed that I post everything on my blog? Maybe I should cut back on the things I post.

    …Oh har har. Oh well. A laugh a day, I take whatever I can. As long as you’re happy. Yes it’s spelt Lyshana.

    I don’t think it’s a virus. I explained to her already! Computer viruses and digital things. She can’t turn on her computer, physically. If there is no power in the CPU the virus can’t work. If she’d turned on the computer only to have it shut itself down, yeah it’s probably a virus, but not being able to turn it on at all is something else.

    I think it was funny. Karma karma. I am happy to hear you had a good day. Are you free 3rd? Just…another try? Lol.

    Tell me all about your night some time.

  3. I haven’t seen Ross with his whitened teeth. But I’ve seen him with his extra dark tan – on one side! Hahaha.. it was so funny.

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