Looking For The Best But Expecting The Worst

[Forever Young – Youth Group]

Today features E and F

Eagle Eyed Cherry – Of COURSE Save Tonight is the best song to listen to on the way to a night out. I don’t know, it could be just me.

Elliot Yamin – Is Wait For You another slightly out of place song? Well, yeah it was in the playlist my friend gave me. It’s a very sweet song, though.

Enrique Iglesias – I admit, it may be “guilty pleasure” but when you hear the first few guitar notes of Hero or the first line of Escape, you know you kind of want to start singing to it.

Every Avenue – I hadn’t really gotten around to listening to all their songs properly, but I do like Tell Me I’m A Wreck (whose MV is really really good), Where Were You?, Between You And I and Think Of You Later (Empty Room).

Faber Drive – It’s on and off with these guys, some days I just shuffle past them, but then one day I stick to one of their songs and suddenly I love them again. The first song I heard by them is Tongue Tied, there’s also When I’m With You, Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go) and Killin’ Me.

Fall Out Boy – Ooh this is slightly tentative grounds to tread on, because the songs I like aren’t the songs that people tend to like – and the songs people tend to like I kind of…dislike. But they’re a respectable bunch of musicians.

Falling Up – Falling In Love and Hotel Aquarium. Good memories with them both.

Flumpool – The first non-English band for me to mention! I particularly liked Birds but as I went on I warmed up to 残像 (Zanzou) as well.

Forever The Sickest Kids – I think I’ve used Hey Brittany! as one of my blog post titles many times.


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