I got sunburnt on my nose (well, I’d’ve gotten sunburnt all over my face but my hair, once again, protected a good portion of the left side of my face) and it’s peeling. Does anyone have any natural/organic solutions/hints/suggestions to help cure the peeling?

I ask for natural solutions because I am allergic to nearly everything under the sun (oh har), skin-wise, on my face. The moisturizer I use doesn’t smell like anything. I hardly even use sunscreen (oh hey).

So I’m putting it out there, beauty tips for me! What should I do? What is your remedy?

De Fluffe, Out (apparently in the sun for too long)

2 thoughts on “Peeling

  1. Yeah, aloe vera = weird spots on skin due to reaction. It’s true. So far I’ve just been dowsing the peeling in cold water. It’s getting better. It’s starting to hurt, too. Thanks for the advice, which was tomefromyou kind of.

    Oh ha, the lameness….

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