Psychic Moment For The Day #2

This morning, in my double free, I was sitting with Vania in a computer room with a Year 10 Writing For Writers class, typing up my legal work. Upon writing and defining what Criminal Law is, I had the sudden urge to find Dani.

I poked my head into the Common Room only to find the usual gaggle of Joey’s guitar playing posse hanging there. I left and went to find Carmaine who would most likely know where Dani is.

And Dani was with Carmaine, having just entered the school.

Psychic Moment: if I had stayed for just 30 more seconds to type up my work I would have missed Dani, who would’ve gone to Literature without my awesome hug (that she’s not doing anything in Lit and just hanging out has  NOTHING to do with me).


2 thoughts on “Psychic Moment For The Day #2

  1. I’m first to comment! Cos I was watching when you clicked ‘Post’. Haha.

    And if I remember correctly I said something along the lines of, “Oh my god…”

  2. believe in fate?

    Okay okay fine I believe a little bit in fate now…hence I started the Psychic Moment thing?

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