Today while I was in the Glen shopping centre bathroom washing my hands, I looked up into the mirror and there was this thing on the mirror, with the words “Self Eye Test” above an empty box (drawn on) and underneath, the right hand side of the box says “healthy eye” and the left hand side of the box says “sick eye” and then it explained how you can’t tell just by looking which eye is sick.

I didn’t get it, until I realized the stuck-on writing was meant for someone much taller than me, as my eyes in the reflection weren’t even close to the writing, let alone the box where your eyes are meant to look back at you.

Secondly, in Jack’s, I realized all this time Jack thought I was a Yr 11.



2 thoughts on “NOT THAT SMALL!

  1. hey.. its alright to be small if ur a girl
    but its not if ur a guy =[

    Why, did you get mistaken for younger than you are? And it’s not okay if I’m a girl I still don’t want to be younger than I am.

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