I’m Always In Over My Head

[Six Feet Under The Stars – All Time Low]

Last night I had a dream where you were always happy to see me, where you sought me out in a crowd, where you were concerned when I wasn’t there, where you beamed with unfiltered joy when you saw my face.

I know it was a dream, and I know that it’s not like you’re always cold towards me – we’ve had our moments – but having that dream was the happiest I’ve been for a long, long time. And yet even while dreaming, even while basking in the utter bliss, I knew it was a dream; there was no way you could love me like that.

I just thought I’d let you know.


One thought on “I’m Always In Over My Head

  1. Who was the roundest knight at king arthur’s table?

    sir…cumference !!!

    That has absolutely nothing to do with anything but thank you Dom, that was quite nice to know.

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