We could do more than just dream

[We Owe This To Ourselves – Anberlin]

Going to see Anberlin again on Monday! So hopefully huge blog post about that again!

Last night stayed up until 4:30 talking to Amelia on the phone. I have no idea how we spent that much time, but I think giggling hysterically while quoting from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series helped pass some time.

That girl knows everything.

Cindy is at Manifest, and she’s getting me this really cool Totoro beanie which are also gloves.

(That’s Cindy, by the way.)

She called me up at 11, and I was still sleeping, and she was high on energy drink, so it was one of those trying to keep up with her craziness conversations where she asked me a bunch of questions and I grunted.

So, at the moment, trying to stir myself into working mode to do a research paper due in 8 days.

It is NOT coming along.

Let’s hope Stressed Alex can kick in soon so I can get stuff done and feel good.

Lazy Alex.

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