(Which, coincidentally is the name of a very sad song by Hawk Nelson)

Fourteen days until you come back. Call me over the top, or desperate, but I’ve started the countdown already. I miss you already.

Wish me luck for my venture while you’re away. Like I’m going to be able to do all that Maths and Chinese in fourteen days. But maybe it will stave away the sadness.

Oh I’m such an emo kid.

See you soon, Crazy.

And, to my Euny-Baby.

Have fun in Queensland! I keep having boring summers but at least you’re all making up for it by having extravagant ones.

Don’t get sunburnt.

Keep in touch.

And for crying out loud, get MMS!

To my Princess Fudgepop (OH NO I DIDN’T!)

You’re only a phone call away so that’s at least some sort of consolation.

But a small one at that.

Have a good Christmas with your relatives.

Have a good Christmas, dear reader (but I probably will keep saying that until Christmas). If you’re going away be safe. Don’t drink too much! A Christmas that will be a good memory is one that you actually remember.


De Fluffe, Out.

7 thoughts on “Fourteen

  1. Do I look even remotely fudg-ey to you?! Gah. *glare*

    and a *small* consolation? I am offended my friend. off-end-ed. wow. that word breaks up nicely.



    well I’m gonna miss her too but I plan to enjoy each day as best I can.

    The world is not ending! We still have olives. and chocolate. It’s okay. It’s okay.

  2. Aw haha well does it please you to know that you can make me feel REALLY guilty about myself?

    Not regarding the fudge thing. I meant the consolation thing.

    Yeah well you can take the high road and I’ll take the emo road, how’s about that?

    I lurve olives.

  3. No, baby, you only become so dark that even your friend thought you were a curry. Haha. (No offense to any Southern Asians out there.)

    Just be careful is what I’m saying.

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