Dom and I had a mini argument via emails over whether Starbucks is better than Gloria Jean’s.

I made a lame crack (not to him, I’ve forgotten whom to) that “Starbucks” has the word “bucks” in it, and Gloria Jean’s has “Gloria” which sounds like “glorious”. So, subliminally speaking, I like GJ’s.

Anyway, I was going to buy a muffin for Fafa for her birthday, which was yesterday, so I went to the Starbucks which is between Lt Collins and Collins. And I’m not used to going to Starbucks, more GJ’s. ‘Cos at GJ’s I just say “regular caramelatte please” and it’s all good, but I don’t know what things are in Starbucks, and I’m short sighted so it’s hard to read the menu.

I got the Signature Hot Choc, with a shot of espresso, marshmallow hold the cream.

If DOM you were THERE instead of being LATE I wouldn’t have looked so noob.

This is a dry patch for blogging. Sorry.

I COULD blog about the Kyle and Jackie O scandal thing, but look, I’ve said what I wanted to the people whose opinions matter to me. I am too tired to go through my points again.


3 thoughts on “Starbucks

  1. SORRY
    i forgot to charge my phone the night before so i woke up really confused =/
    my alarm didnt go off and i spent like 10mins looking for my phone (i was sleeping on it ==”)
    but yeh…
    tall vanilla latte pl0x (y)
    i go to that starbucks a lot lols

    Ok next time go with me. And you slept on your phone? Don’t you…notice the um…bump?


    Use of dipnut = 100 points. =D

    Why were you up at midnight? And yeah I was going to tell her it was your idea/from you but I got lazy/selfish and couldn’t be bothered.

  3. heh, love the bit abt being shortsighted and not able to see the menu.. remeniscing every day of my life spent trying to squint at what i want to buy and its price >_>

    That’s why I like going to places I already know the prices and the names of the products.

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