Summer Project

Bee and Carmaine and Eunice all have summer projects. Bee wants to get fitter, and there was something else frilly but I forgot (sorry!) and Carmaine wanted to make a dress out of another old dress, which she did, and it looks great! And there was something else, I think, that Carmaine wanted to do, but it was a frilly idea too so I blocked it out. Bee and Carmaine both want to do photoshoots that they’re directing. Eunice wants to make a clutch bag out of playing cards, and a summer dress. (My god, I have frilly friends.)

What is my summer project?

Apart from a personal secret one that I already failed [glares at Bee, the catalys of my failure] I have another one which is to CONTINUE WRITING! I haven’t really sat down and wrote something in a long time (fiction) because I haven’t had the time or the insipiration. Well I have now, and Sonam and Bee and Vania knows about it.

So I put to you, reader (AND NOW YOU HAVE TO COMMENT!), would you like me to make a new page, next to the tabs that say “Home” and “The 411”, called “Summer Project”, and every now and then, depending on the speed at which I write, I upload/update a chapter of my current piece?

Note, I am an indecisive writer, and frequently goes and to edit and change plots, dialogues, etc. And since this idea is in its infant stage, I may re-upload the same chapter twice, if it contains major and important changes.

So, what do you think? Would you like that? Vania said I should, already. But I want some other general feedback as well (not that I don’t appreciate you, Vania, but…)

De Fluffe, Out.

4 thoughts on “Summer Project

  1. I’m volunteering and writing….how is that frilly =P lol.

    The photoshoot idea is coming along nicely… sorry gonna use this as advertising space XD

    If you’re reading this comment and you’d like to record a visual message showing an experience that you’ve been through, lessons you’ve learnt or themes in your life that are very important to you, contact Bianca on 0424908346 if you’re interesting in modelling for one of these messages.

    End of message.

    lexi…it would be fantastic if you posted up your story installments, would love to read them. Looking forward to it ^^

    p.s. could you delete this comment in 2 weeks? thank you.

  2. Do you MIND?!


    Whoever reads that and wants to respond: if this is after Christmas or New Year’s 2008 (or NY 2009), then don’t bother. Okay, done.

    Maybe I will post up my stories but I’ll wait for a few more responses. Thanks for replying though.

    Oh, and the little icon that’s your profile pic on wordpress…where is that from? I know it’s you.

  3. hahah Is that Bee? ooo Modelling sounds fun! Anyways, there you happy?? I COMMENTED! *dadaaa!* Luckily you gave me a short post to read. =P
    Btw, I’m looking forward to that Summer Project. You should do it! 😀

  4. God…why do people write “are you happy I commented” just lay out my desperation for the world to see why don’t chez…

    Modelling will be fun. Haha. Bee is a model already anyway. I still remember when Gina and I plotted to send your photos to a modelling agency without you knowing.

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