Time flu…ahem flew…

I procrastinated rather guiltily last night, reading through my old blog posts instead of doing Legal homework. Soon it would be 1 year since I started blogging frequently.

I was reading through some of the first ones I wrote when I first started. There was that once when BRuCE sat outside the crepe place in the wind laughing loudly and having fun together. Or that time in assembly last year when Dani and I sat together and wondered at how there were only 6 weeks of school left…for Yr 11. And yet here I am now.

Relived Sale all over again. Every word brought back the amazing moments that we had in Sale, the drinking contest that Julia lost, Jen’s mozzie bite through the jeans…

I was going to relive those first few weeks of holidays too, the few days I spent with Bianca. But it all became too nostalgic. The knowledge of how close I am to the next big step in my life…

Well, Term 3 starts tomorrow. It’s my final full term ever. Soon I’ll be blogging about how we’re six weeks away from ACTUALLY graduating.


12 thoughts on “Time flu…ahem flew…

  1. Wtf. Thanks for talking about me on Si’s blog (note intense sarcasm).

    I really should study…but not going to happen.

    I am officially off facebook as Eunice has changed my password.

    Well we did sort of censor your name…Simon came up with Carmizzle. And how did you find Simon’s blog? Lol Jess was changing Eunice’s Facebook and accidentally deleted hers. So now you’re off Facebook I won’t get pictures from Korean BBQ for a while?

  2. carmizzle… <3. i think i will add you on facebook now that the ice has been broken.

    Simon what an awkward thing to say. The ice has NOT been broken. I think the ice is colder than ever….and DON’T CALL HER CARMIZZLE TO HER FACE! OMG!

  3. I did that whole ask a friend to change my FB password once but then the ‘Forgot your password?’ link magically appeared and I gave in.

    Haha you’re so useless. Your friend should’ve changed your secret answer or your alternative email address too.

  4. I’m getting Eunice to upload my photos. Hehe. Damn..was it 20 or 40 gigs? She didn’t forget my password last time…

    HAHAHA. Oh, Jess. No wonder she added me again. i was quite confused.

    Ps. Hello Simon Lim.

    I suck at censoring names don’t I? =)

  5. btw, tall asian chick is not censoring my name! LOL.

    Bianca to Abhid (sp?)…did you see a tall Asian girl?

    You were there, you should remember this!

  6. carmizzle…</3

    LOL See Nat was there too, and so was SonJ. It could’ve been any one of them. Lol I rather like Carmizzle it’s quite cute…and hip. You don’t want me to upload your photos for you? If I had TPG I could do it without a problem because TPG doesn’t charge uploading. I think I’ve covered most of your spams. ❤ now go do something else. Go spam Simon's blog.

  7. at the rate i’m going, i’ll know all the ladies at mac rob by the end of next week.

    You wish. What about the white chicks? You gonna go stalk them down with your Facebook etiquette?

  8. hahaha carmang gg

    No Dom. You spelt her last name wrong. And for the sake of censoring her last name, please don’t actually write the spelling here.

  9. LOL. Hi Teng boy. =) I am quite gg indeed.

    It would’ve been more convincing if you knew exactly what GG is…And omg censory is going down the drain.

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