Little Pieces

I just got around to reading the messages that people wrote on my pieces of paper.

On the day of dress signing, I couldn’t find my dress so I got paper and asked people to sign those. They were truly a great read and I teared and laughed and cursed at my cousin for her words. Here are some of the best (they’re all good and lovely, but here are some of the best ones)

And, breaking tradition, I’m writing their full names in as they have signed it

Dear Ruyi Alex. I’m sorry for tickling you and making u squirm with suffering. I’m sorry for nuzzling my face against you and making you scared. I am sorry for ACCIDENTALLY raping you and…wait, you don’t know about that. Well…uh…anyways, I’ll miss you. -Cathy

Ruyi! You are absolutely indescribable! No words can say how awesome you are – I’ve learnt so much from you. ❤ always. -Eunice

Did your mum help you make your dress? Best of luck for the coming year Ruyi. Lupp choo long tymez -Lisa T

(Because it wasn’t a dress, it was paper)

RUYI ❤ hey ruyi, you told me not to take up the whole page…BUT NO, you can’t make me. noob. WELL, I’d like to wish you the BEST of luck, stay unique~ ❤ julia (possibly your favouritist year 11) (haha)

(Julia L)

RUYI BROHEME! You’re ace + awesome + hell YES I’m sucking up to you so you’ll write me a part in your script.  🙂 Good luck + live it up! ❤ Raj

Dear Ruyi, I’m allergic to you., Thanks for awesome frees. May all your dreams come true. Love Cami

(I once lied and said I was allergic to everything to her.)

Hey Boy! ^^ I’m gonna miss seeing another person ‘like me’ walking around in the school 😛 Good luck for the future. Always be who you are :] ❤ Stoner the ‘other’ boy ;P

(There’s also Dani signing off with ‘Martinie beasts’)

Alex! YES. YOU! Haha I will miss sitting next to you & poking you! I didn’t move cos you smelt. It was HAYFEVER I promise! ❤ Dee xo

(Vania and Sonam both wrote)

Hey Ruyi/Alex, Good luck for the future! Don’t forget about me and keep in touch.

(This is where Sonam wrote)

I’ll miss all our English/Englang classes. ❤ Sonam 😀

(And Vania wrote)

But you’re always online so no worries there. 🙂 ❤ Vania

(Word for word, they were identical at first. Wow.)

Ruyi! My dearest cousin =] cannot believe you are graduating and we have no more methods together D= will miss you and your tiny miniscule hands next year BAHAHA. ❤ you! ❤ Christina aka Blondie, soon to be brunette LOL

(She laughs a lot)

I will miss our VET classes. I own your blog. ❤ Nayomi


even though i’m really mean + such a bully to you all the time, I do love you lots! You have such a heartwarming hug and you never fail to make me smile. Love you and miss you ❤ Annie.

(Nikita’s funny awesome sweet lovely amazing message)

Dear Alex Ruyi

Nawww! You are going! Legal! OMG! Now you won’t be here anymore to give me all those hugs =(. Im so glad I met you this year, you awesome person. Now look, I AM NOT RACIST! I LOVE ASIANS [therefore] I LOVE YOU!! xxox, sweet lovin’ Nikita Muchado (about nothing) p.s. Asians Rule Wooo! (and in a little box) Asians FTW

(I adore her, I do. What a funny message.)

(And this one was the one I dedicated my title to, as well as making me cry.)

I’ll never admit it but I love you to little pieces 🙂 Best wishes and will always see you ❤ APRIL

There were lots more messages which I didn’t write because they were so personal and close to my heart, I didn’t wish to share it. I think one of them, you know who you are.

I thank you all for your lovely messages. They’re “a candle in the window on a cold dark winter’s night”.


6 thoughts on “Little Pieces

  1. julia wrote at the end of her message on my t-shirt: “…julia, possibly tiffany.”
    and i was like chyeahhhh someone from snsd wrote on my shirt =D

    You know I don’t understand Korean references right?

  2. I didn’t get to write you a message… and I feel stupid leaving one here.
    Maybe the one on my blog can make up for it?
    Ily~ ❤

    LOL aww yeah you didn’t! Mm okay I’ll go read your blog now.

  3. But Ruyi,
    I owned parts of people I thought were either: really really cool or the best that when i put all my owned parts together, it would make the perfect person.

    And your blog is a reflection of your amazing writing skills.
    i’m sorry, I’m the misanthropical Tom 😦

    haha fine create a Frankenstein of talents.

  4. thats cos we thought of the message together. then ms m told us to make it more personal.

    Yeah I remember that.

  5. sif my msg wasn’t posted up! hahaha. kidding.
    i still love reading nikita’s msg. 🙂

    You…er that last message was directed at you…

  6. awesome!! i had a feeling it was me, but i didn’t want to say anything just in case it wasn’t. 🙂

    Yeah like one of those awkward things where…and then you feel stupid cos…yeah

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